Okay so as it goes I usually have a long list of resolutions or "GOALS" as I like to call them...but last year in our Stake we did an awesome year long Stake-wide program called Bless Your Heart, where each month of the year was designated toward a specific goal. There was basically a FOCUS for that month and we came up with the goal we wanted to work on.
I quote our Stake President-"Prayerfully choose one thing to focus on each month to achieve a spiritual objective! Sometimes you will choose things to do MORE or BETTER, and sometimes you will choose to STOP doing something, and sometimes it will be a combination! Focus on one new thing each month-but continue to work on and progress in the previous goals you have focused on."
It was such a different way to look at New Years Resolutions and I want to do it again this year! I think I achieved more goals than I ever have before because I didn't start out with a list of resolutions and try to do them all at once!
I am bringing this up because I thought if anyone else was interested in doing it, I would love to share it with others! Yes it was layed out for us "mormons", but I have come up with an alternative for those who may not want to just go for the "Spiritual Goals" it's called Bless Your Mind, Body and Soul! Basically it's the same concept only each Quarter focuses on Mental, Physical and Spiritual goals. For example January would focus on Mind, February would focus on Body and March would focus on Soul. Then in April you start over with mind! You could also do all three in one month (if you are REALLY motivated)!
I'm sure ANYONE could find inspiration in both these ideas, and maybe come up with their own spin on either one! If you are interested in finding out more just e-mail me! I will list each months goal focus at the left of the blog.
I hope everyone's New Year is full of hope and excitement...I know ours is!

Just a shot of those little sweet moments that REALLY make the holidays special. Natalie certainly loves her Tiara pup...and (even though it took a while) Tiara certainly loves her little NATTY!

December 17, 2007
Well we have windows, and shingles, and a whole lot of garbage... but what can I do? Ask the guys if they could clean up my front yard so I can take a picture? That would be nice, but as Natalie says "You git what you git and you don't throw a fit."
I am quite happy at the progress on our house. It seems as the house is getting bigger and taking shape, I do too!

December 12, 2007
Natalie had her Winter program at school today and she was so stinking cute. The kids each took turns reciting a line from "The Night Before Christmas".
Natalie's part was "His eyes how they twinkled, his dimples how merry, his cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry." We repeated that thing EVERYDAY on the way to school for a month...needless to say she had it down when it came time for her to say it during the program. The class sang songs (that have been ringing throughout our house since Halloween) and they even did a little dancing. It was so fun to watch all the different personalities in these little Kindergarteners.

November 2007
Our house has finally taken shape! It's framed and the electrical, plumbing and heating is all in! We are so thankful for all of that great weather we had, which helped a lot to get the house up!
Natalie has already chosen her bedroom (its window is on the front of the house). It's a nice big room and it has a great view of the mountains! She's pretty excited that she wont have to share a room with her brother!
Our projected finish date is the beginning of February...so everyone get ready because I might be giving birth while the rest of you are moving us into our house! No I didn't plan it that way, trust me!

Just to "CAP" it all off!

Well it finally happened...Natalie's little tooth fell out! Yes it was quite the exciting...um...theme-filled day at our house because not only did Natalie lose her tooth but I broke the cap on my front tooth that same day (no the tooth fairy didn't leave me any money)! Natalie was pretty excited to have her first lost tooth, and I was just glad it fell out on it's own!
Now my cap on the other hand is a whole other story!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Well we just got back from a loooooonnnngggg journey to Missouri to visit Brandon's dad and step-mom. I don't know what my little pregnant mind was thinking driving-yes driving-all that way but it was nice to see the family non-the-less. As we were traveling I was thinking about all the things I'm thankful for. Well, at that exact moment I was thankful for the brilliant person that came up with the airplane (even though they are not my favorite things). I was also thankful at that moment (traveling through Nebraska) that I am NOT a pioneer and that I have the wonderful convenience of Modern Medicine. But seriously how can you pin point all the things you are thankful for like a David Letterman top ten list! Well maybe you can because when it comes down to it there are probably about 10 things that I am REALLY TRULY thankful for. Anyway we all know what THOSE are but how about a FUN "Thankful for" list? Like...

*What I am most Thankful for during prgnancy*
10-Nausea and vomiting-Hey I lost 10 pounds!
9-Prenatal vitamins for hair and nail growth!
8-NAPTIME-if it's your first baby!
7-That it's acceptable to buy bigger clothes.
6-Being able to eat what you want and NOT make excuses!
5-TUMS!!! (See above)
4-THE GLOW!!! I don't know what pregnant woman thinks she glows but...whatever!
3-Those little "Love Nudges" (from the baby) at midnight!
2-Ultrasounds-because how awesome is it to see that little miracle?
1-The fact that Heavenly Father really does trust us with another one!

Okay so just a silly little list to make someone smile-I hope!


I was so nicely woken up at 7:00 am this morning to Natalie rushing into my room, hopping on me bed yelling "MOM, GUESS WHAT? I HAVE A LOOSE TOOTH." which of course got me to open my eyes and peek in her little morning breathed mouth to see the wigglings of a baby tooth! The Dentist said it would probably come out in six months. HA-what kid can NOT play with a loose tooth? That baby will be out of there way before six months I'm almost positive! I just cannot believe that she's starting to lose teeth, what's next...a training bra? AHHHHHH!

Natalie being in Kindergarten at Challenger-where she has to wear a uniform EV-RY-DAY-can take it's toll on a little 5 year old, so the idea that Halloween was coming and that meant NO UNIFORM was pretty exciting for her. She wanted to be Daphne from Scooby-Doo, and luckily they had a costume at Target so I didn't have to attempt to make one for her! We did however spray her hair with orange spray and she thought that was pretty cool.

They had a fun little program at school and afterwards we drove down to M-One to visit Oma and Papa at work. Omi and Opa were there and Natalie and Dad went next door to visit Grandma Phyllis. After that we went to Grandma and Grandpa Harden's house for Trick-or-Treating, and then on to Grammy's. It was quite the fun-filled, sugar-rushed day!


I hope I get the hang of all this "STUFF". I'm sure a year from now it will be easy as pie, but not as messy hopefully!

Well we finally have a Foundation to our new home. It's crazy how fast they can bust out houses these days...and a little nerve wracking also! We have a great location in Farmington close to the freeway in a nice little neighborhood. It's exciting to watch the progress as they build, but at the same time we hope the progress of selling our current home is just as productive! I guess we'll see.

Hope everyone is well and I can't wait to find more blogging friends, to visit!