I'm dying here! Oh wait no. . .my camera is!

Once again, another camera is dead! I suspect a heart attack. I don't know for sure what happened, but one day about 3 weeks ago I was up in the light and sound booth doing some stuff for "Millie" and I heard the camera make a beep that I've never heard before. After that it didn't work. Sheesh, I seem to have bad luck with cameras. First my SLR and now my little point and shoot. I'm a camera serial killer.
So since I haven't been able to take a single picture for 3 weeks (Ahhhh) I thought I'd post a picture that I took about a month ago.

I bought a bag of gum balls for a project, but I didn't need all of them so I decided to put them into apothecary jars. Don't you think it's adorable? I love all the fun colors, and the best part is . . . it was so easy.
We've had them out for a month and my kids have finally stopped asking for gum balls.