Bloomin' Belly!

Not that I like posting pics of myself -especially ones where I get bigger and bigger- but I figured I better document the growing belly.

I can't believe baby is almost here! Only 12 more days...if all goes according to the plan!
Hopefully I can still keep up on the blog. Meep! I've been doing so good.
Of course I should probably worry more about working out! ;)


Well, better late a year later, which is my norm!

This year I decided to tackle having Thanksgiving at my house...yes, amidst all the crazy basement finishing, house in shambles chaos. I have to say that it was SOOOO not as bad, or stressful as I anticipated. The trick...make stuff ahead of time, and DRY BRINE your turkey! I even made homemade cranberry sauce...and I've actually never eaten cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving (until this year).

I have to laugh because I was so caught up in the food I was making, and what the table was going to look like, that I didn't even take a picture of all the wonderful things that I am Thankful for...which of course is my AMAZING family! There were only eleven of us, but it was so fun and enjoyable and I kind of like having Thanksgiving at my house!