MAY 26, 2008

My homegirl Sarah Reeder celebrated her 30th Birthday on Saturday the 24th with a radical 80's party! We dressed up in our most gnarly 80's ensembles, played 80's video games, listened to tubular music, played a trivia game (complete with prizes of a rubix cube and slinky) and of course ate cake-actually cup cakes made into an awesome Rainbow with Care Bear toys on it! It was such a fun time-I hope you enjoyed it Sarah!


489 Pages in 2 days!!!

MAY 5, 2008

Yes I did it. I finally read Twilight and oh my gosh...what can I say except AWWWWWEEEESOOOMMMEE!!! I know some of you are thinking "Why is she just reading these books now"? It's not that I didn't WANT to read the books, trust me, I've read a lot about the series, and even gone to the book and Stephenie Meyers's websites, but as most of you know, I'm not a big reader, but when I find something good to read (that requires more "imagination" then "thinking") I give it all I've got...which means ignoring most everything else around me!
So Friday I decided to start reading and was instantly hooked and yesterday I found myself sneaking off to read what little I could (it gives new meaning to the words "couldn't put it down") When Samuel had to be fed, I jumped at the chance so I could use it as an excuse to read a little more. If I had to go pee, Guess what? The book came to. All day it was like this...Brandon didn't mind much, because basketball was on!
When midnight finally rolled around I was on the second to last chapter but was so stinking tired and knew I had to go to bed, so I closed the book for the night but then the baby woke up and started crying. I was so excited, (not what usually happens) and as I fed him I read the last chapter by the light of his closet!
I cannot wait to start on the next book, I'm picking it up today! I am excited that I can finally chat about Twilight when it comes up in conversation.
And get ready girls...for a big GNO in December when the movie comes out! WOO HOO!