Monday, March 23, 2009
No-I'm not trying to make you all jealous by posting a pic of where I'll be for the next week...I just wanted anyone who was wondering why I wont be blogging to know the reason! I can't help it if I'll be far too busy relaxing on the beach, or learning to Surf to hop on the computer and update. But don't worry, when I get back I will certainly be blogging again in no time, complete with pictures that, will in fact, be meant to make you Jealous! tee hee.
Ok honestly, don't be too jealous because I might only bring back photos of rain drops since it's supposed to rain there ALL next week! But lets be optimistic people. Help me out and think Sunny thoughts. Most of us in Utah are REAL GOOD at thinking sunny thoughts!

With a li'l bit of LUCK!

Thursday March 19, 2009

My two little green Leprechans!

Uncle Dominic lets Sam just walk-uh...crawl all over him!


On Sunday we had Stake Conference and Elder L. Whitney Clayton from the Quorum of the Seventy was there and spoke to us. He talked a lot about the types of "things" we're inviting into our home such as movies, TV shows, books, and internet sites. And then he said something that must have been talked about around the meeting tables of the Quorums. He didn't mention any names, but he spoke about "the World" and how certain people may do things that would cause us Mormons to become Big Love, the HBO series. Well, he gave such a great message that as Members of the Church we need not burden ourselves with these people. We don't need to write letters, or pass around gossip or protest. We just need to continue to be steadfast Saints and do the things the Lord would have us do, and all will be taken care of. It was such a moving message and I, like many who were there I'm sure, felt relieved to hear it, and to know that just because some jerks want to show, or talk about, something that may be sacred to us, the First Presidency isn't giving it another thought. The church will still move forward, and be around LONG after Big Love is off the air so don't fret people, ALL WILL BE WELL!

Snip Snip, cut cut, wiggle wiggle!

March 14, 2009

Yesterday we took Sam to get his first haircut. He sat on my lap while Megan (our stylist) attempted to cut his hair. Right away he knew something was up, and didn't want to have much to do with it, but then-after much bribery from toys and graham crackers-we finally found the solution...a bottle of water. He had the whole opening in his mouth and though he was quite funny and completely forgot that Megan was there. He certainly is our little wiggle worm. 
I can't believe he already had to have a haircut...I don't think Natalie had her first haircut until she was like 2 1/2 maybe 3, of course she didn't really have much hair until she was 2.


Ha! I found one!

March 12, 2009
This pictue is CLASSIC!

Book Of Mormon Marathon

March 11, 2009

So this past weekend I spent ten fun-filled hours with the Young Men and Young Women of our ward, as we all participated in a Book Of Mormon Marathon...AND it was so much fun! We didn't just sit and read, we actually got to draw, and play with clay and watch the Living Scripture Cartoons, and listen to some of our Priesthood and Relief Society come and speak to us. It was such an uplifting experience and the youth of our ward were so great, just when they'd get restless we'd change things up on them so they didn't get too bored...and they had plenty of snacks to keep them sugared-up too.
This activity also helped me with my goal to read the BOM before my next Birthday-WOOHOO! What a fun way to work on a goal!