January 26, 2007 seems like nobody is working on our house when I DON'T have my camera but when I go to take a picture, the snow has melted and cars are everywhere and the place is a mess. Luckily though you can see the progress that has taken place in a short month. It is amazing how a plain structure that's just a bunch of wood can really come to life once you start putting on it's "Make-up". We stopped by the house today to check it out and they have the tile floors done, the cabinets and counters are in, and the interior paint is done, and obviously the outside has been getting some much needed attention!
We scheduled the closing for the 25th of February, so we will have a little time to breath between baby and moving-Thank Goodness! The house looks great and we are getting anxious to get into it...although leaving our current house and all of the wonderful neighbors, friends, and ward members we've come to love will be hard!