Friday Feb. 27, 2009
So I was reading Parenting Magazine last night and came across this very amusing list, so I thought I'd post it.

Top Ten things not to feel guilty about...
1. Having the impulse, after discovering your kid has used your $20 lipstick to draw a giant plum-colored pig on your dining room wall, to call Brad and Angelina and ask them if they'd like to take in one more.
2. Returning the fancy but useless baby gift to the department store and spending the credit on shoes for yourself.
3. Suspecting that those stars who got their "pre-baby" bodies back in two week are on drugs.
4. Feeling secretly glad when you catch your neighbors "perfect" child in a nuclear meltdown.
5. Introducing your sister's kid-little miss organic only-to her first Twinkie.
6. Setting up play dates just with kids whose mothers you like.
7. Calling your jiggly belly your "mummy tummy" ten years after childbirth.
8. Noticing the hot dad at drop-off (hey, your just lookin').
9. Insisting on grown-up music in the car. (I like THIS ONE a lot)
10. Knowing, really knowing, with every fiber of your being, that your kid is the cutest one in their class picture.

Journal Keeping: Writing for Spiritual Growth? LOL!

Wednesday Feb. 25, 2009

I had to speak in church on Sunday, The Topic: Blessings of the Temple. I actually felt that it was a good topic for me because I have very strong feelings about the Temple and I did years ago also...or so I thought. Yes I know you can feel a story coming.
So I thought I'd go through some of my journals because I "just knew" I had written some feelings about the Temple in one of them. Well, needless to say 6 journals, 2 days and a whole lot of laughing later, I came to the conclusion that only if it was REALLY important, did I write it in my journal.
Here are some things that were REALLY important.
-The first time Andy Larson talked to me in Jr. High.
-That huge "War of Words" at Brittany Hauge's 14th Birthday party.
-All the cute boys in Mrs. Romney's 9th grade English class.
-Getting my driver's license.
-Going to any school stomp, dance, or prom.
-BOYS, BOYS, BOYS-you kow who you are.
-That big "War of Words" on the South Lawn.
-Erik Russon-Yes-I had to bring him up!
-A capella (and the notorious NY trip).
-My job in ZCMI Fashion Jewelry.
-MEN, MEN, MEN-you know who you are.
-Missionaries-hey that's kind of close to the Temple.
-Going to THE BAY.
-All the guys at THE BAY.
Are we seeing a pattern with the things that were REALLY important in my life?

Anyway, I finally gave up, after I calmed my hysterics down, and decided to write my talk based off of what I could remember, since the journals were no help. Entertaining? Yes. Hilarious? Totally. Helpful? Um not so much.
The talk actually went well, except for the fact that I was supposed to talk for 10 minute and the guy after me had 15 minutes. Well, I took the 15 and he got 10. I honestly didn't think I had that much to say, but I felt really bad that he didn't get the amount of time he'd planned for. Ooops!
Maybe if I'd written more things about the Temple (or anything other than boys) in my journal, I wouldn't have taken up so much time.
I did have a pretty fun weekend reading those journal's, I have to admidt. It's so crazy how much you change over the years. How much you really "Grow Up". And it's amazing that even how disfunctional I was, I still managed to make it to the Temple, which is where all this got started in the first place!

Love is in the Air! Or is that Sam's diaper?

Okay who doesn't love Valentine's Day? I'm talking about Elementary School V-Day parties and such. When you decorated a fancy box with red and pink paper and a hundred hearts. Then went through your Valentine's picking out just the "right" one for your best friend, or the boy you kinda liked, or the boy you DID NOT like.
Ahhh, those were the days.
This year Natalie and I made a fun V-day box that looked like a Locker. It was made out of a shoebox with a hinge-type lid. I spray-painted it silver and drew the locker lines on it. We used buttons for the lock then Natalie made a pennant with her name on it and for the finishing touch...a hundred heart stickers of course (okay maybe not that many). It turned out cute and got filled with lots of Valentines!
Brandon and I stopped celebrating Valentine's Day ON the actual day years ago. We usually try to celebrate it the weekend before, but since it wasn't in the middle of the week this year we didn't really get to do anything. But that is okay because my early V-Day gift was finding out that we are going to Hawaii at the end of March! So I think I can deal with not going to dinner for this Valentine's Day, what do you think?


Feb. 13, 2009

I got to be one of the lucky parents to go on a field trip with the 6-yes 6 first grade classes of Natalie's school. We went to the Hale Center Theatre and had a behind the scenes tour, which I thought was totally cool, because I am a Theatre Nerd, but for the 6 year olds...hmmm could've been a bit more exciting AND they didn't get to see even a tiny bit of a play. Oh well, Natalie did get to go down onto the stage with a few other students and "audition" that was pretty fun.

Now, I can't remember the last time I rode on a School bus, but I'm telling you, it hasn't been long enough. With the hot stinky children bodies, the exhaust, and the fact that it's the bumpy-est vehicle on the planet, not even Dramemene, or my Ginger Altoids could've saved me. BLAH! Can you imagine having to drive one of those things everyday? That is why Bus drivers rule, and I just stand at the bus stop waiving goodbye as they drive away!

Anyway, the field trip was fun and I got to eat lunch with Natalie back at the school, which was nice too. I feel lucky that I get to stay home (sort of) so I can go on field trips and go to school functions, it's pretty cool and it makes me wish I were that age again.

I'd like 3 Recesses a day!

1 Year Down! How Many More to Go?

Wednesday February 11, 2009

I can't believe I have a one year old! It has been so long since I've been at this stage that I forget how fun, and crazy and downright tiring it is! Samuel is walking, climbing and opening drawers and throwing their contents everywhere. He is starting to do those little things that parents think are the smartest, and cutest things pat-a-cake, pointing, shaking his booty and open mouth kisses, which I have decided are the best kisses to get.
Sam's birthday was on Friday the 6th and we celebrated with a small little party including our immediate family and grandparents. He had his own cake which took a tumble off of the counter, luckily it was still in it's package, so it could be somewhat salvageable so he could destroy it anyway. It wasn't funny then, but it's funny now. 
The party was fun, and Sam got spoiled. He was so cute with a stuffed animal Gorilla that Brandon's mom bought him. He looked at it, smiled and then leaned his head against it and snuggled. It was so cute.
He is so animated and at that stage where he is inquisitive about what everything is and how it all works. He absolutely LOVES Natalie and she can pretty much do anything and he'll laugh at her. He is a cross between Gene Wilder and Kelsey Grammer (in the Cheers days), with his crazy curly hair. We just let it go because by the end of the day it looks like you didn't comb it anyway. 
I feel so blessed to have our little man, and yes, even grateful for the time we had to wait before he got here. You never know the growth you will go through, or what you learned until the blessings come and you take a look back at the trials. WOW that's deep, I better go before I bust out and start singing Hymns.
I say these things....HAHAHA, Just Kidding!