DECEMBER 16, 2008

It was just a mere eight years ago on this Date, that Brandon and I were Married. I cannot believe how time flies (when you're having fun, or trials, or both). I can remember feeling like life was just beginning. I was nervous and excited and glad that I was "finally" a grown-up (not sure by what standards).
We have sure had our share of ups and downs, and backwards and forwards, and GREAT and...Eh, not so much! But I wouldn't trade these last eight years for anything. Brandon never reads this blog so getting all gooshy will only be for you all to see, so I wont go there. But I do want to say to those who are Newlyweds-keep plugging along, and to those who are Old Pro's-thanks for being great examples, and to those who are right along side of me-Glad we're in this together!

*And Brandon, if you do by chance read this I love you SOOOOO much and Thanks for spending the last Eight years with me. I can't wait to see what the future holds!

My Holiday ABC's

A=Advent Calendars (especially one's with Chocolate)
B=Bells (the Jinglier the better)
D=Decking the Halls (although I don't love UNdecking the halls)
E=Elves, for without whom Walmart wouldn't be around!
F=Five GOLD rings (on my list this year. HAHA J/K)
G=German Pancakes
H=Holiday Music (LOVE IT)
I=Ice Cream in Peppermint (too bad it's seasonal)
J=Jesus (hello that's obvious)
K=Key (so Santa can come through the front door)
L=Letters to Santa
M=Mistletoe (Brandon likes that one)
N=Naughty or Nice?
P=Presents OR Pomegranate 7UP (SO good, I'm addicted)
Q=That QUIET moment when it's just me and the tree.
R=Reindeer (I like VIXEN-heehee)
S=Snow (there must be snow on Christmas Eve, but that's all)
U=Understanding the TRUE meaning of Christmas
W=White Christmas (LOVE that movie)
X=X-tra long drive to the Festival of Trees (it was so worth it)
Y=Yes we're almost done
Z=Zillions of lights on the tree (pre-lit is the only way to go)

See if you can think of 26 special things about YOUR Holiday Season!

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch!

December 5, 2008

Last night Natalie had her Christmas Dance Recital. She performed two dances, Her "Shrek" dance and then the whole company each had different parts from "The Grinch". There were Cindy Loo's, and Hooville towns people, dogs with reindeer antlers and Natalie's Class, which were the Grinches. She did such a good job. It was fun to have a recital to go to again. After taking a year off I wasn't sure how Natalie would feel about dance again, but she loves it and is actually dancing really well. Of course the Christmas dance recital has now reminded me that Christmas is just around the corner and I'm nowhere near ready for it! HO HO HO Here We GO!


So I had been feeling a bit bummed about dropping the ball on getting tickets to the midnight showing of Twilight, and I had mentioned it to my neighbor Lisa who was going (I was so jealous). Well she called me on Tuesday morning saying she was in posession of an extra ticket and graciously asked me if I'd like to go. HELLO! Of course I said yes!
She, her sister Jodee and friend Marlene came to pick me up at 10:30 p.m. on Thursday night and we drove down to Sandy, picking up Missy along the way. We went to the Jordan Commons and the place was crowded with "Twilighters" of all ages, including us in our "Bite Me Edward" T-shirts, except for Marlene and Missy (who didn't want to be seen with us). It was so much fun, we saw the Midnight show and our theater was wild and giggly and hyped up on caffeine and popcorn. I'm still nursin' my Twilight hangover. I had such a blast getting to know my new "Twilight Sisters" and can't wait until New Moon comes out! Same Time Next Movie ladies?
That was the first of my Twilight fun, then on Saturday my friend Sarah (who saw her own Midnight show) arranged for us to go and see the movie (again) at The Gateway. We planned a more reasonable hour to see Twilight, but it was just as fun! There were a bunch of us, including my Mom, Samantha (Dominic's girlfriend), Kristie, Erica, Lindsay, Tiffany and Sarah! I loved the movie even more the second time. If you haven't read the books don't be discouraged to see the movie, it held its own. Don't plan for Gone With The Wind or anything, but plan for a really cute flick!


November 10, 2008

*Spoiler Alert*
On Saturday we had a mother/daughter date and went to see High School Musical 3. It was a lot of fun and a cute movie, complete with Zac Efron dancing around in a tuxedo that looks like it followed him from the set of Hairspray...but you know, even in a baby blue suit he can still look dang good! One of my favorite parts was Zac's character (Troy) dancing solo around the High School singing a song called Scream. The coolest thing about this was as he's dancing in the halls they start to turn, and what I mean is they turn like one of those fun house spinning walkways, he sings, dances, jumps, slips and slides around all while the halls are moving. Don't ask me why I liked this, but I just thought it was cool!
A few times during the show I looked over and watched as these little girls stared wide-eyed at the movie screen. I was grateful for the funny moments in the movie that 6 year olds could actually understand and laugh at. And I had to laugh myself as Natalie covered her eyes during the lovey-dovey scenes (maybe she's not my daughter)!
After the movie a few of us went to eat dinner at Noodles & Company, and I must say, there's nothing like carbs to end the night on a good note! It was a fun Girls Night Out, and I can't wait to do it again...but next time, maybe one without the 6 year olds!
At Sunday dinner my brother Dominic asked Natalie what her favorite part of the movie was, and she said "The end, when they all Graduated." Needless to say Dominic was quite upset that she ruined the ending for him, because I'm sure he really wanted to see it.

P.S. Did you notice that no where in my pictures or blog does it say that blasphemous word EAST anywhere? That is because that is a four letter word that we don't say...E-VER!


Thanks so much for asking me to post more, it means a lot. I've been part-time working for my parents (about 3 days a week) which means on the days I don't work I'm catching up on my full-time job, you know, the laundry, the vacuuming, the dishes (YUCK). So that is where I've been. I miss you all too...I usually check other blogs regularly, but I don't think I've read anyone else's blog in over a week, I'm going through withdrawls! AHHHHH!
I thought about posting on our new President Elect, but then I thought "I've always been taught If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." So I opted out of that one...of course I do have to say that I'd feel the same had McCain won-there is just no pleasing me (don't tell Brandon I said that HA HA HA).
I hope you all have a happy day, and I'll be posting again soon! I PROMISE!!!


Just a few shots of our spooky costumes...

Yes that is me. Brandon already told me

I look old, so you don't have to metion it,


But look how cute my little puppy looks!

Pumpkin Patch!

October 17, 2008

It's UEA and we all know what that means...NO SCHOOL!
Well we were graced with warm weather and sunny skies yesterday, so me and my friend Kristie decided to take our kids +2 to a Pumpkin Patch by our houses. They had a small hay maze that the kids could go through, and the bigger girls were so cute and helped the little ones. Then we spent some time picking our Pumpkins from the patch. There were hundreds of pumpkins and it was hard to decide on the best one, but finally we all chose the one we wanted. After that we took the kids through a corn maze. We got a little map and had to find 6 different stops throughout the maze and punch specific holes in our map and at the end we got a treat if we found all the stops. It was touch and go in the corn maze as the sun started beating down on us and the girls were getting tired and hungry, but we successfully made it through the maze, and to all of the stops throughout. It was such a fun activity to do on a day off of school (I feel a tradition coming on) the girls all had a blast and the babies were really good too, which is always a good thing.

Ramblings of Childhood and My Birthday!

Friday October 3, 2008

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but the very first Olivia Newton-John film I saw was NOT Grease, it was in fact Xanadu-a film that I still love despite being sporadic, and cheesy. I used to put on my roller skates and skate around my driveway singing songs from the movie, or the other Olivia Newton-John song I loved, Physical (of course I had NO clue what that song was ACTUALLY about). My mom also recorded one of her concerts that was on HBO, and my friend Mandy and I would watch that thing over and over again, prancing around like back-up dancers. Needless to say I was a bit obsessed with miss Newton-John.
Why am I telling you all of this? Well when I was about 14 or so I found out that I share my Birthday with this childhood idol of mine, and you can probably imagine how cool I thought that was. Now as some of you may know last Friday (26th) was my Birthday, and therefore cause to also think about ON-J, which in turn takes me back to my childhood. So it's kind of cool that having a birthday means I am one year older but I also have a reminder of being young...which I thought a lot about this week.
I thought about being an oblivious kid growing up in Glendale-ERR-Poplar Grove, where we could sleep out on the trampoline, and walk to school, and ride our bikes to Seven-Eleven. Life was much simpler back then, when mom and dad handled everything and we didn't have a care in the world. BUT, even though I have MANY cares in the world now, and as the Birthdays and years will continue to float by, it's nice to know that every now and again I can take some ME time and sit down to watch this silly movie and instantly be back to having unmatched clothes, with a bad perm and not a care in the world.
That's Xanadu in and of itself!!


September 24, 2008

On Friday the 19th we took Natalie to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts to see the Monet to Picasso exibit that's on display. They gave us cool little telephone things that when you push the number that coordinates with the piece of art it tells you about that work. Brandon and I enjoyed ourselves, but five minutes into the exibit Natalie was done. We saw Brandon's cousin Julie who was working the exibit and she came and found us in the Picasso Room, and she told Natalie that Picasso painted a piece called Le Harem when he was in a happy mood, but he painted a piece called La Vie when he was in a sad mood.
Well Natalie had to know why he was in a sad mood, so Julie told her that Picasso's friend had died so he was very sad and only painted in blue. Natalie wanted to know how his friend died so Brandon took her over to the painting and read her the story of how Picasso's friend's Girlfriend rejected him so he killed himself. Needless to say, THAT is what Natalie remembers about the exibit, and she is still obsessed at HOW Picasso's friend killed himself which is a little morbid to me...and thank goodness we don't know that part of the story.
All in all it was so nice to see these peices of art that are amazing, and maybe I'm a little morbid myself because I was intrigued by a painting called The Dream by Salvador Dali it was twisted, strange, a little disturbing and definitely a surrealist painting...but as they say "true reality can be understood only through knowledge of the unconscious". I guess.


Sept. 16, 2008

Well it is no surprise to me that Samuel is already crawling around and pulling himself up, considering he hasn't stopped moving since he was conceived (no wonder the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck). He is doing that cute thing that babies do when they are crawling toward something that is OFF LIMITS and they turn around to see who's looking, then when mom or dad say "NO" they take off as fast as they can, giggling all the way. It's so stinkin' cute! Of course with crawling around there comes the usual mischief making...which Sam has gotten down to an art. I caught him today climbing onto the couch (the cushions are off because they are blocking the T.V. hmmm). He saw that toy and was determined to get it...which he did. Ahhh the joys of being an infant. See something you want? You either cry and someone gives it to you, or, if you have the ability, go and get it yourself.
Now if he only slept as good as he gets into trouble I wouldn't have to chase him around in "Zombie mode".


September 7, 2008

There comes a time in every boys life when he watches the very first football game of the team in which he is bound to worship for the rest of his life (by force if necessary). Today was that day for Samuel.
The Bears played the Colts tonight, and Sam wore his ginormous Jersey just like dad, and although he mostly crawled around the floor more interested in the TV Remote than the TV, we knew that in his heart he was cheering for the Bears!
Considering that Samuel's bedroom is a shrine to his dad's favorite team, I'm pretty sure that my baby is destined to grow up spending his Sunday's in Blue and Orange (after church of course).
The Bears totally won the Game-now why couldn't they do that when they played the Colts in the Superbowl?


August 25, 2008

This paper cone is a tradition in Germany and marks the transition into first grade. Parents fill the cone with school supplies and treats and present the gifts to their children who take them on the first day of school. At the end of the school day the children get to open them and see what gifts they've received.
My Oma (Natalie's Omi) has a photo of the day she received her Shultute, and I love traditions, so I decided that I wanted Natalie to, not only have something fun for her first day of school, but also learn about this fun tradition that her German ancestors have done.
Natalie didn't take her Shultute to school with her, she opened it in the morning, as excited as any 6 year old would be to see a giant decorated cone waiting for her.
Whether a German girl in the 1930's or and American girl in the new millennium, what a fun way to bring two worlds and old traditions alive.


August 24, 2008

My cousin Megan was Married yesterday and it was another fun-filled event that definitely ended the Summer on a good note (I know summer's not over just yet). Megan married a great guy named Ryan who is really sweet and genuine, and seems like a lot of fun-can't wait to see how he handles "the Germans". They were Married at a place called Aspen Landing, which is an event hall that seems like it's hidden away from the outside world. The marriage took place outside on the gorgeous grounds, and the words of the ceremony were beautiful, just like my cousin-as you can see.
Congrats Megan and Ryan, we are so happy for you and wish you all the best!


August 22, 2008
As the Summer is dwindling down and Autumn is fast approaching I have to stop and step outside of my "SWEET! All day school." excitement to remember what it's like to be a kid who feels as if they are losing their freedom to the dreaded Elementary School. I've been trying to think back to what that's like, long enough to take Natalie out this week, and let her experience the last remaining joys of Summer Vacation. We went to the Davis County Fair, where she got to pet goats and pigs and even a lama. She held a tarantula, made giant bubbles, ate snow-cones and rode on rides at the carnival-the ultimate FAIR experience, complete with stereotypical Carnies.
She went to Lagoon-A-Beach and swam for hours, went to the park and played for hours. She rode her bike and scooter around the neighborhood till sunset. Bought Orange-Lemonade from the boys in the ward. Had a final "weekday" sleep-over. And...my favorite activity... made button accessories to wear with all of her first grade outfits!

I can't believe she is about to start First Grade. It doesn't make me feel old, it just makes me remember WAY back when to that innocent time when I was six and about to embark on my own "All Day School" journey! I try to tell her how much fun I had growing up, and all the good memories I made in Grade School and High School (Who wants to remember Jr. High) and I hope she makes her own lasting memories of the school years she has to come...even Jr. High, I guess!
Anyway, so I'll raise a glass of Orange-Lemonade in honor of Summer Vacations everywhere, and to kids who's endless laughter, and sun-kissed smiles, tickle me to see!


August 4, 2008
$.32 Stamps. Princess Diana. Kosovo. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!" Titanic. Last Seinfeld. Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone. and $1.00 for gas. WHAT?!

These are just a few things that happened when I was a Senior in High School! Why am I bringing this up do you ask? Because, I just had my 10 Year Reunion! Yes 10 years...boy how the time flies!
It was a fun Reunion spent at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Downtown SL. I was on the Committee and we worked our little booties off to make the event a hit. I think it was, except for the small fact that people who said they were coming, didn't, therefore making the committee have to beg for donations so we could pay for the stinking thing! Oh well. I had such a blast seeing everyone who came, chatting and catching up. I didn't get to talk to everyone, because I was running around being a committee member, but I tried. I was getting all nostalgic as I watched groups of people reminisce about the good ol' days, and in my "just had a baby" emotional-ness I was getting a bit teary I have to confess. I tried to recall a memory with each person there, of course some are closer to the surface than others, which happens when everyone has a different "clique", but I tried just the same.
I though about my Glendale Girls, Freshman English in Mrs. Romney's class, Volleyball, lunch by the lockers (& POGS of all things), "current events" in Suzie's class, "Time Out For FUN". my Chevy Trailblazer, Seminary, Dances & Stomps, crushes, Drillteam practices, lunch on the south lawn, Biology with Mr Haines (& super Moroni), the Seminary building, Spirit Week, sluffing, "the Annex", my mitsubishi Galant with the LDS sticker on back, Babes in Arms, New York Acapella Trip, mistakes and teenage girly moments, Craigle's English class Senior Year, all the new friends I tried to meet before Graduating, and of course GRADUATION!
I hope everyone who went to the Reunion had just as much fun as I did. It was great to see everyone who came, and miss the ones who couldn't make it! Another 10 years and we'll do it all again!


August 2, 2008

Brandon's beautiful cousin Amy was married yesterday and what a fun day we had. Amy married a sweet guy named Dallas who is from Richfield. The wedding was in Manti (at my very favorite Temple). The grounds were (of course) immaculate and the bride and groom were as happy, and cute as can be! After doing the picture thing we all headed down to Richfield for the dinner-which was yummy. It was nice to meet Dallas' family and visit with our family members who came in town for the big event! We didn't get home till after 10:00 p.m. but it was so worth it and a lot of fun sharing their wedding day with them.
We Love You Amy and Dallas, and wish all the best for you and an Eternity of Happiness!


July 25, 2008

So for our Pioneer day celebrating we BBQ'd with Brandon's family; and his Uncle Bob & Aunt Diane have the stinking cutest little girl named Adrie and when we got there she was decked out in her little pink tutu. SO SWEET! Anyway, later she and Natalie were out on the swings and I looked out and saw this shot and HAD to get a picture! AHHHH the days when you could run around in your undies and everyone thought it was cute!

Here's another cute picture with Kolbe, Adrie and Natalie. They only wanted to take "funny" pictures so I finally stopped trying to get them to smile and just let them do whatever. I love that Natalie and Kolbe are in red, white and blue, and Adrie, in her tutu, looks just like a little fircracker-which is exactly what she is!

The Ramblings of a Madman-er-Woman!

July 18, 2008
Okay so summer is slipping away so fast I barely have time to complain about the heat. There are so many things to do before School Starts. Ahh elementary school, the years of being just a kid before that completely sporatic, gangly, awkward "Jr. High stage" begins. (I don't envy Natalie having to go through that)!
I have been working as a Primary teacher-something that I haven't done in a long time. I teach one of two CTR 5 classes. The primary is so big the kids all have to meet for opening exercises in the chapel-And we keep growing. There were 3 baby blessings last fast Sunday. SHEESH! In Murray we were lucky to get 3 baby blessings a Year! My class has such cute kids in it and they are still at that sweet stage where they actually "like" their teachers (if we bring candy). I was a little unsure of having a Sunday calling because of all the "going out of town" and stuff. HAHAHAHA...we haven't gone anywhere, nor are we planning on going anywhere. Two mortgage payments SUCKS! Okay so at least we finally have the Murray house rented out. Actually they are leasing it so hopefully that all goes well and they can buy it soon! I HATE renting, and people who choose to be landlords are (say it with a high voice) CRAZY!
On to a more exciting topic like this amazing new thing called...reading! Yeah you all should try it, I highly recommend it. I just finished this small set of books...maybe some of you have heard of them they're called Harry Potter. Yeah they are pretty good...
HA, who am I kidding they are AH-MAZING! I have totally caught the reading bug this summer, which all started with Twilight. I would love any recommendations for books, if anyone has them...of course Breaking Dawn comes out in two weeks so I'll be reading that, but two days after I'm sure I'll be ready for something else to bide my time!
SO I have this Reunion coming up that I have been trying to "get in shape" for-I know, let's not all laugh at once. I think there should be a RULE-No Reunions after you've had a baby (at least for a year). Oh well, our committee has worked too hard NOT to want to go to it, I think it's going to be fun. Brandon on the other hand is so not looking forward to it, and honestly...I don't feel the least bit guilty about dragging him there!
I have this 30 Things before 30 list that I'm working on which includes such things as learning to SURF-yes Surf, running a 5 and 10 K (with the possibility of a marathon), Reading the Book of Mormon again, and other random things that I've been wanting to do, just haven't had the UMPH to do them. We shall see, we shall see. I'm not the type to be like "Oh I'm a terrible person 'cause I didn't finish my list before 30". Because there is always 31!
I warned you this was going to be the ravings of a loony, but I better go because I'm sure none of you care about the babbling. It was just some much needed blogging time!


On June 14th Natalie had an exciting 6th Birthday party at a place called Kangaroo Zoo! They have a dozen or more inflatable mazes, slides, and bounce houses. There are 3 Party Rooms for Birthday Parties, and Natalie chose the Cosmos Room, which had a big mural painted on the wall and cool star lights hanging from the ceiling! The kids Bounced around non-stop for about 2 hours then we ate cake and ice cream and Natalie opened presents. Kangaroo Zoo provides each party with an assistant who follows the kids around, she takes their pictures, and even plays with them too. It was a lot of fun to watch all these little "Roo's" bouncing around! Thank You so much to everyone who came to Natalie's Birthday Party. It was out of this world!


June 16, 2008

Definitely not "LOATHING"!
I'm super excited because my "WONDERFUL" friend Sarah Reeder and her "POPULAR" Mom Becky totally "DEFYed GRAVITY" and got us tickets to see WICKED next year "THANK GOODNESS"! Yes we have to wait till April...I know it's not "ONE SHORT DAY" but hello it's WICKED, it is sooooo worth the wait! I'll be "DANCING THROUGH LIFE" until then!

(Sarah, tell Becky she's the "SHIZ". Hahahahahaha)!

Yes all the caps are song titles from the show...You know me I can't just say "Hey we're going to Wicked"!


June 6, 2008
Well today was Natalie's last day of kindergarten and it chokes me up a bit knowing how well she adapted to all the changes of this year! New baby, new house, new school...and yet she managed to be above average and did really well on her SAT's (yes SAT's at 5 years old). It really shows how easily children can deal with change.
The kids were allowed to wear whatever they wanted to school today and so I had to capture a picture of her on her final day in Kindergarten. The other picture is her in her class the day they had their spring program. Such a sweet smile she has (when she doesn't try too hard). I can't believe she only has a week and she'll be six, my goodness where does the time go?


MAY 26, 2008

My homegirl Sarah Reeder celebrated her 30th Birthday on Saturday the 24th with a radical 80's party! We dressed up in our most gnarly 80's ensembles, played 80's video games, listened to tubular music, played a trivia game (complete with prizes of a rubix cube and slinky) and of course ate cake-actually cup cakes made into an awesome Rainbow with Care Bear toys on it! It was such a fun time-I hope you enjoyed it Sarah!


489 Pages in 2 days!!!

MAY 5, 2008

Yes I did it. I finally read Twilight and oh my gosh...what can I say except AWWWWWEEEESOOOMMMEE!!! I know some of you are thinking "Why is she just reading these books now"? It's not that I didn't WANT to read the books, trust me, I've read a lot about the series, and even gone to the book and Stephenie Meyers's websites, but as most of you know, I'm not a big reader, but when I find something good to read (that requires more "imagination" then "thinking") I give it all I've got...which means ignoring most everything else around me!
So Friday I decided to start reading and was instantly hooked and yesterday I found myself sneaking off to read what little I could (it gives new meaning to the words "couldn't put it down") When Samuel had to be fed, I jumped at the chance so I could use it as an excuse to read a little more. If I had to go pee, Guess what? The book came to. All day it was like this...Brandon didn't mind much, because basketball was on!
When midnight finally rolled around I was on the second to last chapter but was so stinking tired and knew I had to go to bed, so I closed the book for the night but then the baby woke up and started crying. I was so excited, (not what usually happens) and as I fed him I read the last chapter by the light of his closet!
I cannot wait to start on the next book, I'm picking it up today! I am excited that I can finally chat about Twilight when it comes up in conversation.
And get ready girls...for a big GNO in December when the movie comes out! WOO HOO!


April 23, 2008

So Natalie got these boots from her cousin Gabi, and once she fit into them it was all down hill. She wore them with everything-her school uniform, church dresses, capris. You name it and it was accessorized with theses boots. Every time we went to buy a new pair of shoes we came home empty-handed because nothing measured up to "the boots". Finally, I gave her one last weekend with her boots and told her she couldn't wear them anymore. When she took them off she hid them under her bed so I wouldn't find them...but being a mom, I did, and out to the garbage can they went without hesitation! As you can see from the pictures, they got plenty of wear, pretty good for hand-me-downs I must say!


March 19, 2008
WOO HOO! The six weeks is officially up and you know what that means? NOT THAT! Get your mind out of the gutter (Karly)! I'm talking about getting out of stretchy pants and into my "recreation clothes"!
Working out-ahh that phrase that seems to be deleted from the vocabulary of every (normal) woman, about 6 weeks prior to childbirth (when you eat like a stinkin' horse) and six weeks post childbirth (when you are up every two hours throughout the night so you might as well have a snack...each time).
Yes I have been gearing up since Samuel was born to really focus and start right away on a good routine. I waited until Natalie was in pre-school to start working out and trust me when I say...we are glad there are no pics of Michelle from those days, VERY GLAD!
Our treadmill is buried in the garage so I wont be using that anytime soon...I guess I'll have to actually run outside, which is a good thing, it gives me an excuse to go exploring this cute little "town" I now live in!

It really is so peaceful out here and even though I don't feel like it's a small town, it definitely has that rural feel, but still keeps me able to be the city girl that we all know I am! We have a great view of the mountains-or at least we did until a ginormous house began to be built in our view! Oh well what can you do?
We have really been liking it out here, and our new house is great. I do have to laugh though when people ask "Are you all settled in?" I want to say "Yes all the crap we have has SETTLED nicely in the garage where it is destined to stay until I have a moment to go through it! One day maybe I'll get it all organized..but today is not the day...tomorrow doesn't look good either!

SAMMY-our little blessing!

March 7, 2008

Well Samuel is officially 4 weeks old and just as cute as ever! He's a momma's boy which is exactly the way it should be. We laugh because if Brandon is holding him and he's fussing I'll take him and he quiets right down...of course at the end of those "long" days I wish he'd be a little more of a daddy's boy!
He handled the move quite well, but when your only worry in the world is that poopy diaper, you pretty much could handle anything.
Natalie is really starting to come around and warm up to him...at least now she'll acknowledge his existence. She will hold him and talk to him in baby talk and help him with the bottle and binky.

I had to take this picture of Natalie holding Sam because it was so sweet, he was looking at her just mesmerized. He definitely knows his big sister's voice, probably from all of that singing and talking she did to him before he arrived!
We really feel blessed to have so many things falling into place for us (even if it's all at once), it definitely is a reminder that our Heavenly Father does know us and hears our prayers!


Well we are finally in!!! The house is done and we moved in on February 29th, and no that extra day in the month didn't help me get things packed! I have officially declared this house our last. We have SO much stuff and I never want to move it again...I'm sure those of you who helped us out never want to again either!
We are so grateful for everyones help with the move, it was so nice to watch you all just grab boxes and go, even our youngest family members and friends! We are still in shambles but getting a little done at a time...I feel like if I can at least get through a box a day (when Samuel is just chillin') I am good.
We can't wait to have everyone out to see the house AND the baby (for some of you) once we get a little more organized. We really are so blessed to have such great family and friends who are always supportive of us...even if we do crazy things like have a baby and move within a month of each other!


February 14, 2008

I have mine; Samuel Spencer Harden. He's short, olive and OH SO HANDSOME!!! I met him a week ago on February 6th at 2:45 pm and it was LOVE at first sight. At only 7 pounds 10 ounces and 20 inches tall he captured my heart immediatly, and we have spent every waking moment together...literally!
Sorry for the lack of pictures up until now. We've been a little busy as you could imagine. Everything went really well with Samuel's birth, he came really quick and didn't give us too much grief, except for the cord being wrapped around his neck-which I didn't know about until he was out and fine...that's probably how it will be for the rest of my life, mom is always the last to know about the life threatening situations!
Well, I sure hope everyone's Valentines are as sweet as mine this year!


January 26, 2007
Okay...it seems like nobody is working on our house when I DON'T have my camera but when I go to take a picture, the snow has melted and cars are everywhere and the place is a mess. Luckily though you can see the progress that has taken place in a short month. It is amazing how a plain structure that's just a bunch of wood can really come to life once you start putting on it's "Make-up". We stopped by the house today to check it out and they have the tile floors done, the cabinets and counters are in, and the interior paint is done, and obviously the outside has been getting some much needed attention!
We scheduled the closing for the 25th of February, so we will have a little time to breath between baby and moving-Thank Goodness! The house looks great and we are getting anxious to get into it...although leaving our current house and all of the wonderful neighbors, friends, and ward members we've come to love will be hard!