July 25, 2008

So for our Pioneer day celebrating we BBQ'd with Brandon's family; and his Uncle Bob & Aunt Diane have the stinking cutest little girl named Adrie and when we got there she was decked out in her little pink tutu. SO SWEET! Anyway, later she and Natalie were out on the swings and I looked out and saw this shot and HAD to get a picture! AHHHH the days when you could run around in your undies and everyone thought it was cute!

Here's another cute picture with Kolbe, Adrie and Natalie. They only wanted to take "funny" pictures so I finally stopped trying to get them to smile and just let them do whatever. I love that Natalie and Kolbe are in red, white and blue, and Adrie, in her tutu, looks just like a little fircracker-which is exactly what she is!

The Ramblings of a Madman-er-Woman!

July 18, 2008
Okay so summer is slipping away so fast I barely have time to complain about the heat. There are so many things to do before School Starts. Ahh elementary school, the years of being just a kid before that completely sporatic, gangly, awkward "Jr. High stage" begins. (I don't envy Natalie having to go through that)!
I have been working as a Primary teacher-something that I haven't done in a long time. I teach one of two CTR 5 classes. The primary is so big the kids all have to meet for opening exercises in the chapel-And we keep growing. There were 3 baby blessings last fast Sunday. SHEESH! In Murray we were lucky to get 3 baby blessings a Year! My class has such cute kids in it and they are still at that sweet stage where they actually "like" their teachers (if we bring candy). I was a little unsure of having a Sunday calling because of all the "going out of town" and stuff. HAHAHAHA...we haven't gone anywhere, nor are we planning on going anywhere. Two mortgage payments SUCKS! Okay so at least we finally have the Murray house rented out. Actually they are leasing it so hopefully that all goes well and they can buy it soon! I HATE renting, and people who choose to be landlords are (say it with a high voice) CRAZY!
On to a more exciting topic like this amazing new thing called...reading! Yeah you all should try it, I highly recommend it. I just finished this small set of books...maybe some of you have heard of them they're called Harry Potter. Yeah they are pretty good...
HA, who am I kidding they are AH-MAZING! I have totally caught the reading bug this summer, which all started with Twilight. I would love any recommendations for books, if anyone has them...of course Breaking Dawn comes out in two weeks so I'll be reading that, but two days after I'm sure I'll be ready for something else to bide my time!
SO I have this Reunion coming up that I have been trying to "get in shape" for-I know, let's not all laugh at once. I think there should be a RULE-No Reunions after you've had a baby (at least for a year). Oh well, our committee has worked too hard NOT to want to go to it, I think it's going to be fun. Brandon on the other hand is so not looking forward to it, and honestly...I don't feel the least bit guilty about dragging him there!
I have this 30 Things before 30 list that I'm working on which includes such things as learning to SURF-yes Surf, running a 5 and 10 K (with the possibility of a marathon), Reading the Book of Mormon again, and other random things that I've been wanting to do, just haven't had the UMPH to do them. We shall see, we shall see. I'm not the type to be like "Oh I'm a terrible person 'cause I didn't finish my list before 30". Because there is always 31!
I warned you this was going to be the ravings of a loony, but I better go because I'm sure none of you care about the babbling. It was just some much needed blogging time!