So I had been feeling a bit bummed about dropping the ball on getting tickets to the midnight showing of Twilight, and I had mentioned it to my neighbor Lisa who was going (I was so jealous). Well she called me on Tuesday morning saying she was in posession of an extra ticket and graciously asked me if I'd like to go. HELLO! Of course I said yes!
She, her sister Jodee and friend Marlene came to pick me up at 10:30 p.m. on Thursday night and we drove down to Sandy, picking up Missy along the way. We went to the Jordan Commons and the place was crowded with "Twilighters" of all ages, including us in our "Bite Me Edward" T-shirts, except for Marlene and Missy (who didn't want to be seen with us). It was so much fun, we saw the Midnight show and our theater was wild and giggly and hyped up on caffeine and popcorn. I'm still nursin' my Twilight hangover. I had such a blast getting to know my new "Twilight Sisters" and can't wait until New Moon comes out! Same Time Next Movie ladies?
That was the first of my Twilight fun, then on Saturday my friend Sarah (who saw her own Midnight show) arranged for us to go and see the movie (again) at The Gateway. We planned a more reasonable hour to see Twilight, but it was just as fun! There were a bunch of us, including my Mom, Samantha (Dominic's girlfriend), Kristie, Erica, Lindsay, Tiffany and Sarah! I loved the movie even more the second time. If you haven't read the books don't be discouraged to see the movie, it held its own. Don't plan for Gone With The Wind or anything, but plan for a really cute flick!


November 10, 2008

*Spoiler Alert*
On Saturday we had a mother/daughter date and went to see High School Musical 3. It was a lot of fun and a cute movie, complete with Zac Efron dancing around in a tuxedo that looks like it followed him from the set of Hairspray...but you know, even in a baby blue suit he can still look dang good! One of my favorite parts was Zac's character (Troy) dancing solo around the High School singing a song called Scream. The coolest thing about this was as he's dancing in the halls they start to turn, and what I mean is they turn like one of those fun house spinning walkways, he sings, dances, jumps, slips and slides around all while the halls are moving. Don't ask me why I liked this, but I just thought it was cool!
A few times during the show I looked over and watched as these little girls stared wide-eyed at the movie screen. I was grateful for the funny moments in the movie that 6 year olds could actually understand and laugh at. And I had to laugh myself as Natalie covered her eyes during the lovey-dovey scenes (maybe she's not my daughter)!
After the movie a few of us went to eat dinner at Noodles & Company, and I must say, there's nothing like carbs to end the night on a good note! It was a fun Girls Night Out, and I can't wait to do it again...but next time, maybe one without the 6 year olds!
At Sunday dinner my brother Dominic asked Natalie what her favorite part of the movie was, and she said "The end, when they all Graduated." Needless to say Dominic was quite upset that she ruined the ending for him, because I'm sure he really wanted to see it.

P.S. Did you notice that no where in my pictures or blog does it say that blasphemous word EAST anywhere? That is because that is a four letter word that we don't say...E-VER!


Thanks so much for asking me to post more, it means a lot. I've been part-time working for my parents (about 3 days a week) which means on the days I don't work I'm catching up on my full-time job, you know, the laundry, the vacuuming, the dishes (YUCK). So that is where I've been. I miss you all too...I usually check other blogs regularly, but I don't think I've read anyone else's blog in over a week, I'm going through withdrawls! AHHHHH!
I thought about posting on our new President Elect, but then I thought "I've always been taught If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." So I opted out of that one...of course I do have to say that I'd feel the same had McCain won-there is just no pleasing me (don't tell Brandon I said that HA HA HA).
I hope you all have a happy day, and I'll be posting again soon! I PROMISE!!!


Just a few shots of our spooky costumes...

Yes that is me. Brandon already told me

I look old, so you don't have to metion it,


But look how cute my little puppy looks!