I'm glad I'm in "The Right Place."

July 25, 2010

In remembrance of Pioneer Day, I'm posting some pics I took of our fun little outing to This Is The Place Park. (Yes it's another collage, I'm sorry). We went there a week and half ago and it was so much fun. I have never actually been there (from what I can recall) which is a little sad, since I have an ancestor who has a small cabin up there. Yeah, I'm a really good great-granddaughter of a Utah Pioneer!
Anyway, I took the kiddos up there with my friend McKenzie and her three kids, and there was quite a lot of excitement going on in the Old Town. The kids rode the train, made craft bags, panned for gold, had pony rides and even got penny candy treats from the Z.C.M.I. It was neat to take a step back in time, life seems so much simpler back then.
I have so much love and respect for our Pioneer Ancestors who left everything they had, and traveled thousands of miles, just for the chance to believe what they wanted. As I was driving the five minutes it takes us to get to church this morning, I was grateful for the sacrifice the Saints made so that WE can worship freely. What a blessing it is in my life to know that someone did that for me!
I hope everyone had a fun Holiday Weekend!

Okay...I have picked my jaw up, off of the floor, after finally coming to terms with the fact that MY oldest child is Baptized!
Her very special day was Saturday July 3rd (amongst all of the fun Independence Day festivities) and it was a beautiful day!
She played the piano and sang "I want to be Baptized", two of her Great-Grandpa's spoke on Baptism and The Holy Ghost, and her Dad Baptized and Confirmed her!
And now, as she has informed her friends, she cannot lie anymore. I don't really think she lied anyway, but NOW it's a big NO NO! And her friends cannot lie to her, because she is Baptized! I love how their innocent minds work.
It was such a nice Baptism and we had family and friends there to show their love and support for Natalie. My favorite moment was one that nobody saw. It was when she and I were alone right before she went into the baptismal font. I hugged and kissed her and told her how proud I was of her, and that I loved her. And then I watched her go into the water and take her first real step toward her eternal salvation.
It was a big day for her, but I think Brandon and I felt like it was a big day for us too. Both of us have tried to live our lives the way our Heavenly Father wants us too. I have always wanted my children to be Baptized by their father, and Brandon has always wanted to remain worthy to be able to Baptize his children. That has happened for us and we mark it as another step in the right direction toward Eternity.