Somedays he puts the HARD in Harden!

So Fridays are my "get everything done I didn't get to do throughout the week" day. And I like to get up and get going so that I don't spend all day running errands (since there is laundry and dishes to do too). Anyway, I was in the bathroom doing my hair and figured that Sam was out just watching TV (stupid me). Well, when I walked into the kitchen, he was sitting on one of the stools at the counter, and before I even got to him I could smell a distinct and recognizable odor. NAIL POLISH!
He had opened a bottle of (clear) nail polish and was painting it...all over my camera (YES my NEW camera) and the counter top too! Well as you can imagine, I was irate, and the smoke coming out your ears, colorful word saying, huffing and puffing German came out in me (it was not pretty)!
After I threw Sam in his room, I rushed to find my nail polish remover so I could perform an emergency bio-hazzard clean up, complete with rubber gloves, Q-tips and cotton balls! I did manage to get all of the nail polish off of the camera and counter; and thankfully the camera is working just fine. I would've taken a picture of the event but-OH YEAH the event involved my CAMERA!!!
I tell you; somedays I don't know how Samuel manages to live to the end of the day-he's pretty darn lucky that he's so cute and I love his little guts.

This is an event that's going on this coming Saturday. My friend Kristie has worked very hard to put this together and to help raise money and gift donations for the children at the Christmas Box House and the Boys and Girls Group Homes. The RSVP numbers are not what Kristie would've hoped for, so I'm blogging this out to you and inviting everyone to bring their families down to the Planetarium. It's a FREE event. Read the invite for all the info.

I just need to know ASAP if you'd like to come and how many will be with you (since seating is limited). It'll be a blast so hopefully you all can make it.

p.s.-In case you're wondering who the talented artist, who designed the invitation is...IT'S ME!

Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough - 50's Paso Doble

Um....Just watch, that's all I gotta Say!
oh p.s.-Turn off the music to the left before you watch.

Okay-this is like...if in the movie West Side Story, Tony and Maria did this Paso...holy crap the movie would've been completely different. Derek totally looks like a "Jet" and Nicole looks like "a "Shark".
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, well...I'm not going to explain my crazy obsession with Musicals to you! :)

Eight is...great?

In a little over a month I will have an 8 year old! I cannot believe it. It really is crazy how time flies.
Amidst all the hoopla of Natalie's Birthday and Baptism, I REALLY wanted to get her some new furniture for her bedroom-okay so I've said that for like the last 4 years I think-and I was determined that THIS was going to be the year it was going to happen. Well a few months back my parents told me that they would like to get Natalie a new bedroom set, so I said "Okay". And really, who wouldn't say Okay to that? So after much looking we found a set that suited "MY" needs and was stinkin' cute for little miss eight year old. We ordered it online and they delivered it last week. All I had to do was put the feet on the dresser and nightstand, and add the rails to the head and foot boards of the bed and that was it. I LOVE that kind of furniture. Anyway, it was and early birthday present from Oma and Papa, and Natalie was all smiles when she got home from school and walked into her new bedroom.

Here are the bed and night stand

And here is the dresser.

Natalie was hilarious about having a mirror in her room, and decided that she wanted the top drawer of the dresser designated for hair stuff, oh, and her belts and scarves (BTW-she rarely wears belts or scarves). I've gone into her room a few times and she'll be standing in front of the mirror brushing her hair. So at least this new bedroom set was good for one thing!
So yes, I have been quite busy BIG GIRLING up my little girl's room. I can't believe she's going to be eight!!!

Oh poo-With all the excitement over the new furniture, I forgot to snap a photo of the shelves I put up in her little desk cove area. They were to take the place of the hutch she had on the old dresser (which has found a new home in Sam's room). I'll have to take a pic and post it at the end of this later!