September in a nut shell

One thing I love about September is that we go up to Snowbird every year for a family reunion. We have a condo and we eat and visit and then go to the Oktoberfest. It's the crazy German side of my family, but I love them tons!

For the past couple of years we have taken a family picture at the same spot. This year we thought we'd be a little BOLD in our wardrobe. What do U think?

It always seems like I'm waiting around for my Birthday, but this year it came so fast.
We went to Dinner at Tucci's with my parents, my grandma and Dominic, Samantha and BB Scarlett. It was yummy, and lots of fun. We love Tucci's because it's really never busy and the staff and owners are amazingly friendly (watch for Tucci's to come up in December -it's our Anniversary spot too).

I decided that I was going to help produce yet another Farmington City Jr. play again. Auditions were in September and the play is Alice In wonderland Jr. The play is a fun kind of upbeat version of Alice, we have a ton of kids, but it's so fun to be a part of it all again.Of course I've been crazy busy with it, but it's a blast. Natalie got the part of one of the Flowers-Violet. She has a few lines and she is ecstatic. She also sings The Golden Afternoon song.
Natalie is the far left flower.