AHHH, a change is good.

Since I've had the same blog background for two years now, I figured it was time for a change.
Speaking of blogs. Did you know you can print your blog into a book? This is something I've really wanted to do, since I journal more on here then in my own journal. I stumbled across this as I was looking for a new blog background, and just had to share it with all of you.
If this is old news to you, well. . .then YOU should've been sharing with the rest of us! ;)

Our Latest Endeavor

A few weeks ago Farmington City held auditions for "Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr." I have known about this for a while and have been helping Natalie prepare for the audition. She was excited to get the chance to try-out and had a good time auditioning. She made the part of a Stenographer, which means she'll get to sing and tap dance with a group of girls who are also stenogs. She also is part of the ensemble and gets to sing and dance with the rest of the cast members for the big group numbers!
My friend Nikki has known for months that she was going to be the assistant Producer so I told her to find out if they had a choreographer (which they did) so I offered to help her with whatever she needed. Well, during the auditions she found out that she had been promoted to Producer and so she called me up and asked if I'd like to Co-Produce the show with her...and of course you all know me and my love for anything theater AND 20's, so of course I said yes!
So I've been helping the Director with whatever he needs and Nikki and I get to spend time together-since I used to work with her in the YW's but just got released, AND I get to be a part of a Musical Theater production again!!!

Where's that box of summer clothes?

For Christmas Brandon surprised us all by informing us that we are taking a family vacation to Florida. I'm super excited, first-because I get to see Brandon's cousin Stacy (whom I love) and her cute family (I love them too) and second...well hello, of course it's DISNEYWORLD!

We are going at the end of January because Sam will be 3 this February and he still gets into the parks for free-Remember Brandon planned this trip!
I can't wait, it's going to be so fun and some much needed family time after Brandon's crazy December of work, work, work!

How did you celebrate your New Year?

I celebrated mine with . . . A Murder!

A Murder Mystery party that is.

Christmas Collages

Come on, you all knew I was going to do them . . .
Haven't you learned to just except it!

Christmas Eve at Dave and Erica Marshall's house has been our Tradition for Ten Years.
They have been gracious enough to welcome us into their home to Celebrate with them!

Grammy and Poppa Dave came up for Christmas Morning.
Josh and Kenzie also came over and we all ate Breakfast together!

After Breakfast we headed down to Oma and Papa's house, to open gifts with Dominic and Samantha (and of course BB Scarlett) and to visit. This Year Grandma Phyllis and cousin Chris were there too.

This year we also went over to see Great-Grandma Marion. Grandma Kathy was in town from Missouri and it was so good to visit and catch up with them. Grandma Marion has terminal cancer and it made Christmas a little bittersweet. Natalie took some pics with Brandon's phone, but I haven't gotten them off yet.
We also went over to Grandma Robin and Grandpa Bob's house, and of course were met with a household of family and friends! I don't know if Grandma likes everyone bombarding her, but I sure think it's a blast! Didn't get pics there either.

Hope your holidays were as fun and chaotic as ours!