Happy Thanksgiving!
Well we just got back from a loooooonnnngggg journey to Missouri to visit Brandon's dad and step-mom. I don't know what my little pregnant mind was thinking driving-yes driving-all that way but it was nice to see the family non-the-less. As we were traveling I was thinking about all the things I'm thankful for. Well, at that exact moment I was thankful for the brilliant person that came up with the airplane (even though they are not my favorite things). I was also thankful at that moment (traveling through Nebraska) that I am NOT a pioneer and that I have the wonderful convenience of Modern Medicine. But seriously how can you pin point all the things you are thankful for like a David Letterman top ten list! Well maybe you can because when it comes down to it there are probably about 10 things that I am REALLY TRULY thankful for. Anyway we all know what THOSE are but how about a FUN "Thankful for" list? Like...

*What I am most Thankful for during prgnancy*
10-Nausea and vomiting-Hey I lost 10 pounds!
9-Prenatal vitamins for hair and nail growth!
8-NAPTIME-if it's your first baby!
7-That it's acceptable to buy bigger clothes.
6-Being able to eat what you want and NOT make excuses!
5-TUMS!!! (See above)
4-THE GLOW!!! I don't know what pregnant woman thinks she glows but...whatever!
3-Those little "Love Nudges" (from the baby) at midnight!
2-Ultrasounds-because how awesome is it to see that little miracle?
1-The fact that Heavenly Father really does trust us with another one!

Okay so just a silly little list to make someone smile-I hope!


I was so nicely woken up at 7:00 am this morning to Natalie rushing into my room, hopping on me bed yelling "MOM, GUESS WHAT? I HAVE A LOOSE TOOTH." which of course got me to open my eyes and peek in her little morning breathed mouth to see the wigglings of a baby tooth! The Dentist said it would probably come out in six months. HA-what kid can NOT play with a loose tooth? That baby will be out of there way before six months I'm almost positive! I just cannot believe that she's starting to lose teeth, what's next...a training bra? AHHHHHH!