January to April 2012

See, I told you it would be months (a year) until you heard from me again. Let's see...where do I begin?

Ah yes, all the way back to February 2012...

Our little man turned 4 years old. I can't believe how big he is! He had a Birthday Party at Pirate's Cove at the Layton Fun Center. We also had some of the family up for Cake and Ice cream.

Brandon's dad and grandma came out from Missouri for a little visit and stayed with us.

I went to time out for women with a few ladies in the neighborhood.

It was very fun, and spiritually uplifting.

The kids and I made heart shaped tie dye crayons for Valentine's Gifts

I spent my Valentine's Day in Vegas with Brandon and Levi & Tiff Nelson. Brandon and Levi had to work and me and Tiff got to see first hand some of what they do. We also saw a couple shows and played a bit while we were there too. 

Marching right on to March...

Spent a week relaxing on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands with the Emrazians, the Goffs and the Marshalls. It was such a blast.

Natalie was in Beauty and The Beast Jr at the Farmington City Arts Center. She was a townsperson and an enchanted plate. It was a big cast, but a great show.

Are you shocked to see that I would go to another young adult novel turned blockbuster movie showing? Didn't think so.

Hopping into April...

 Our Easter weekend is always full of Fun. 
Josh and Kenzie love having the kids over to dye eggs, 
and we love to see their cute baby girl!

Then, on the Saturday Before Easter, we get together with our neighbors and have a neighborhood Egg Hunt. It's always a hit!

And of course Easter wouldn't be complete without new outfits, gifts and searching for eggs at Oma and Papa's.

Some monkeying around at The Zoo! 

Sam took to riding a two wheeler like a fish to water...
and he hasn't stopped since!

AKA T-Bug and Bonehead