March 19, 2008
WOO HOO! The six weeks is officially up and you know what that means? NOT THAT! Get your mind out of the gutter (Karly)! I'm talking about getting out of stretchy pants and into my "recreation clothes"!
Working out-ahh that phrase that seems to be deleted from the vocabulary of every (normal) woman, about 6 weeks prior to childbirth (when you eat like a stinkin' horse) and six weeks post childbirth (when you are up every two hours throughout the night so you might as well have a snack...each time).
Yes I have been gearing up since Samuel was born to really focus and start right away on a good routine. I waited until Natalie was in pre-school to start working out and trust me when I say...we are glad there are no pics of Michelle from those days, VERY GLAD!
Our treadmill is buried in the garage so I wont be using that anytime soon...I guess I'll have to actually run outside, which is a good thing, it gives me an excuse to go exploring this cute little "town" I now live in!

It really is so peaceful out here and even though I don't feel like it's a small town, it definitely has that rural feel, but still keeps me able to be the city girl that we all know I am! We have a great view of the mountains-or at least we did until a ginormous house began to be built in our view! Oh well what can you do?
We have really been liking it out here, and our new house is great. I do have to laugh though when people ask "Are you all settled in?" I want to say "Yes all the crap we have has SETTLED nicely in the garage where it is destined to stay until I have a moment to go through it! One day maybe I'll get it all organized..but today is not the day...tomorrow doesn't look good either!

SAMMY-our little blessing!

March 7, 2008

Well Samuel is officially 4 weeks old and just as cute as ever! He's a momma's boy which is exactly the way it should be. We laugh because if Brandon is holding him and he's fussing I'll take him and he quiets right down...of course at the end of those "long" days I wish he'd be a little more of a daddy's boy!
He handled the move quite well, but when your only worry in the world is that poopy diaper, you pretty much could handle anything.
Natalie is really starting to come around and warm up to him...at least now she'll acknowledge his existence. She will hold him and talk to him in baby talk and help him with the bottle and binky.

I had to take this picture of Natalie holding Sam because it was so sweet, he was looking at her just mesmerized. He definitely knows his big sister's voice, probably from all of that singing and talking she did to him before he arrived!
We really feel blessed to have so many things falling into place for us (even if it's all at once), it definitely is a reminder that our Heavenly Father does know us and hears our prayers!


Well we are finally in!!! The house is done and we moved in on February 29th, and no that extra day in the month didn't help me get things packed! I have officially declared this house our last. We have SO much stuff and I never want to move it again...I'm sure those of you who helped us out never want to again either!
We are so grateful for everyones help with the move, it was so nice to watch you all just grab boxes and go, even our youngest family members and friends! We are still in shambles but getting a little done at a time...I feel like if I can at least get through a box a day (when Samuel is just chillin') I am good.
We can't wait to have everyone out to see the house AND the baby (for some of you) once we get a little more organized. We really are so blessed to have such great family and friends who are always supportive of us...even if we do crazy things like have a baby and move within a month of each other!