On June 14th Natalie had an exciting 6th Birthday party at a place called Kangaroo Zoo! They have a dozen or more inflatable mazes, slides, and bounce houses. There are 3 Party Rooms for Birthday Parties, and Natalie chose the Cosmos Room, which had a big mural painted on the wall and cool star lights hanging from the ceiling! The kids Bounced around non-stop for about 2 hours then we ate cake and ice cream and Natalie opened presents. Kangaroo Zoo provides each party with an assistant who follows the kids around, she takes their pictures, and even plays with them too. It was a lot of fun to watch all these little "Roo's" bouncing around! Thank You so much to everyone who came to Natalie's Birthday Party. It was out of this world!


June 16, 2008

Definitely not "LOATHING"!
I'm super excited because my "WONDERFUL" friend Sarah Reeder and her "POPULAR" Mom Becky totally "DEFYed GRAVITY" and got us tickets to see WICKED next year "THANK GOODNESS"! Yes we have to wait till April...I know it's not "ONE SHORT DAY" but hello it's WICKED, it is sooooo worth the wait! I'll be "DANCING THROUGH LIFE" until then!

(Sarah, tell Becky she's the "SHIZ". Hahahahahaha)!

Yes all the caps are song titles from the show...You know me I can't just say "Hey we're going to Wicked"!


June 6, 2008
Well today was Natalie's last day of kindergarten and it chokes me up a bit knowing how well she adapted to all the changes of this year! New baby, new house, new school...and yet she managed to be above average and did really well on her SAT's (yes SAT's at 5 years old). It really shows how easily children can deal with change.
The kids were allowed to wear whatever they wanted to school today and so I had to capture a picture of her on her final day in Kindergarten. The other picture is her in her class the day they had their spring program. Such a sweet smile she has (when she doesn't try too hard). I can't believe she only has a week and she'll be six, my goodness where does the time go?