DECEMBER 16, 2008

It was just a mere eight years ago on this Date, that Brandon and I were Married. I cannot believe how time flies (when you're having fun, or trials, or both). I can remember feeling like life was just beginning. I was nervous and excited and glad that I was "finally" a grown-up (not sure by what standards).
We have sure had our share of ups and downs, and backwards and forwards, and GREAT and...Eh, not so much! But I wouldn't trade these last eight years for anything. Brandon never reads this blog so getting all gooshy will only be for you all to see, so I wont go there. But I do want to say to those who are Newlyweds-keep plugging along, and to those who are Old Pro's-thanks for being great examples, and to those who are right along side of me-Glad we're in this together!

*And Brandon, if you do by chance read this I love you SOOOOO much and Thanks for spending the last Eight years with me. I can't wait to see what the future holds!

My Holiday ABC's

A=Advent Calendars (especially one's with Chocolate)
B=Bells (the Jinglier the better)
D=Decking the Halls (although I don't love UNdecking the halls)
E=Elves, for without whom Walmart wouldn't be around!
F=Five GOLD rings (on my list this year. HAHA J/K)
G=German Pancakes
H=Holiday Music (LOVE IT)
I=Ice Cream in Peppermint (too bad it's seasonal)
J=Jesus (hello that's obvious)
K=Key (so Santa can come through the front door)
L=Letters to Santa
M=Mistletoe (Brandon likes that one)
N=Naughty or Nice?
P=Presents OR Pomegranate 7UP (SO good, I'm addicted)
Q=That QUIET moment when it's just me and the tree.
R=Reindeer (I like VIXEN-heehee)
S=Snow (there must be snow on Christmas Eve, but that's all)
U=Understanding the TRUE meaning of Christmas
W=White Christmas (LOVE that movie)
X=X-tra long drive to the Festival of Trees (it was so worth it)
Y=Yes we're almost done
Z=Zillions of lights on the tree (pre-lit is the only way to go)

See if you can think of 26 special things about YOUR Holiday Season!

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch!

December 5, 2008

Last night Natalie had her Christmas Dance Recital. She performed two dances, Her "Shrek" dance and then the whole company each had different parts from "The Grinch". There were Cindy Loo's, and Hooville towns people, dogs with reindeer antlers and Natalie's Class, which were the Grinches. She did such a good job. It was fun to have a recital to go to again. After taking a year off I wasn't sure how Natalie would feel about dance again, but she loves it and is actually dancing really well. Of course the Christmas dance recital has now reminded me that Christmas is just around the corner and I'm nowhere near ready for it! HO HO HO Here We GO!