Well we are finally in!!! The house is done and we moved in on February 29th, and no that extra day in the month didn't help me get things packed! I have officially declared this house our last. We have SO much stuff and I never want to move it again...I'm sure those of you who helped us out never want to again either!
We are so grateful for everyones help with the move, it was so nice to watch you all just grab boxes and go, even our youngest family members and friends! We are still in shambles but getting a little done at a time...I feel like if I can at least get through a box a day (when Samuel is just chillin') I am good.
We can't wait to have everyone out to see the house AND the baby (for some of you) once we get a little more organized. We really are so blessed to have such great family and friends who are always supportive of us...even if we do crazy things like have a baby and move within a month of each other!

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Karly said...

A new baby and a new house.. who could ask for more? When are you going to invite me to meet the aforementioned new additions?