June 16, 2008

Definitely not "LOATHING"!
I'm super excited because my "WONDERFUL" friend Sarah Reeder and her "POPULAR" Mom Becky totally "DEFYed GRAVITY" and got us tickets to see WICKED next year "THANK GOODNESS"! Yes we have to wait till April...I know it's not "ONE SHORT DAY" but hello it's WICKED, it is sooooo worth the wait! I'll be "DANCING THROUGH LIFE" until then!

(Sarah, tell Becky she's the "SHIZ". Hahahahahaha)!

Yes all the caps are song titles from the show...You know me I can't just say "Hey we're going to Wicked"!

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Stuart and Sarah said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE THIS!! I will have to do something similar on my blog. And you are so welcome, I am still holding out that my mom can find tickets for Stu and I the same night