July 25, 2008

So for our Pioneer day celebrating we BBQ'd with Brandon's family; and his Uncle Bob & Aunt Diane have the stinking cutest little girl named Adrie and when we got there she was decked out in her little pink tutu. SO SWEET! Anyway, later she and Natalie were out on the swings and I looked out and saw this shot and HAD to get a picture! AHHHH the days when you could run around in your undies and everyone thought it was cute!

Here's another cute picture with Kolbe, Adrie and Natalie. They only wanted to take "funny" pictures so I finally stopped trying to get them to smile and just let them do whatever. I love that Natalie and Kolbe are in red, white and blue, and Adrie, in her tutu, looks just like a little fircracker-which is exactly what she is!

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The Mellen Family said...

soo cute! I love little girls in tutu's