November 10, 2008

*Spoiler Alert*
On Saturday we had a mother/daughter date and went to see High School Musical 3. It was a lot of fun and a cute movie, complete with Zac Efron dancing around in a tuxedo that looks like it followed him from the set of Hairspray...but you know, even in a baby blue suit he can still look dang good! One of my favorite parts was Zac's character (Troy) dancing solo around the High School singing a song called Scream. The coolest thing about this was as he's dancing in the halls they start to turn, and what I mean is they turn like one of those fun house spinning walkways, he sings, dances, jumps, slips and slides around all while the halls are moving. Don't ask me why I liked this, but I just thought it was cool!
A few times during the show I looked over and watched as these little girls stared wide-eyed at the movie screen. I was grateful for the funny moments in the movie that 6 year olds could actually understand and laugh at. And I had to laugh myself as Natalie covered her eyes during the lovey-dovey scenes (maybe she's not my daughter)!
After the movie a few of us went to eat dinner at Noodles & Company, and I must say, there's nothing like carbs to end the night on a good note! It was a fun Girls Night Out, and I can't wait to do it again...but next time, maybe one without the 6 year olds!
At Sunday dinner my brother Dominic asked Natalie what her favorite part of the movie was, and she said "The end, when they all Graduated." Needless to say Dominic was quite upset that she ruined the ending for him, because I'm sure he really wanted to see it.

P.S. Did you notice that no where in my pictures or blog does it say that blasphemous word EAST anywhere? That is because that is a four letter word that we don't say...E-VER!

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Donavan Family said...

Thank you for the "E" word clarification! Nothing any child should have to hear!