Like ZOINKS. How'd you like your Valentines to be delivered in this?

Yes it's the Mystery Machine, with a few added Valentine's Day touches. This is Natalie's Valentine box for school this year. And Oh boy does it blow last years Locker out of the water.
The over-achiever in me takes on these projects, which is fine-until the perfectionist in me comes out, then all HECK breaks loose because I've turned something that could be simple into a fiasco...all for ONE DAY!
The poor thing will probably come home trashed and I'll wonder why I do these things to myself. Of course the look on Natalie's face when I told her "Yes, we can probably make a Mystery Machine Valentine's box." was all the motivation I need.

Yes that does say "The Mystery LOVE Machine." Probably a little inappropriate for Elementary School but oh well! It made me chuckle!

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Amy said...

That is so adorable! My son wants his Valentine box to be the Mystery Machine this year. What did you use to make this?