Somedays he puts the HARD in Harden!

So Fridays are my "get everything done I didn't get to do throughout the week" day. And I like to get up and get going so that I don't spend all day running errands (since there is laundry and dishes to do too). Anyway, I was in the bathroom doing my hair and figured that Sam was out just watching TV (stupid me). Well, when I walked into the kitchen, he was sitting on one of the stools at the counter, and before I even got to him I could smell a distinct and recognizable odor. NAIL POLISH!
He had opened a bottle of (clear) nail polish and was painting it...all over my camera (YES my NEW camera) and the counter top too! Well as you can imagine, I was irate, and the smoke coming out your ears, colorful word saying, huffing and puffing German came out in me (it was not pretty)!
After I threw Sam in his room, I rushed to find my nail polish remover so I could perform an emergency bio-hazzard clean up, complete with rubber gloves, Q-tips and cotton balls! I did manage to get all of the nail polish off of the camera and counter; and thankfully the camera is working just fine. I would've taken a picture of the event but-OH YEAH the event involved my CAMERA!!!
I tell you; somedays I don't know how Samuel manages to live to the end of the day-he's pretty darn lucky that he's so cute and I love his little guts.

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