Davis County 5K Walk/Run

Aug. 21, 2010

Me and McKenzie decided we wanted to participate in a 5K, and I found out that one was going on right in my neighborhood (starting at the Davis County Fairgrounds) so we signed up...that's half the battle right there!
Today was the fateful day. We were up bright and early and ran/walked our little (hmmm) legs off. We ran it in about 40 minutes. Not too bad I guess. We had a great time, and even saw an old friend from High School, Tom Tu. He ran a lot faster than we did...maybe because he actually RAN! hee hee.
We have plans for more 5K's, maybe a 10K and we'd love to work our way up to do a Triathlon, wouldn't that be so cool?


Jackman Clan said...

Way to go girls! Aaron thinks we should do the ogden marathon relay next may...it could be cool!

Stuart and Sarah said...

Way to go! 40 min is quite good actually and you should be proud!

S Palfreyman said...

Awesome Ladies! I am doing the Princess 5K next march @ Disney World for my 30th. Come out and join me!!!