My Fun-Filled Birthday Weekend

And what a fun weekend it was.

I started out my celebrating on Friday by seeing Disney's The Lion King at the Capitol Theater with my Grandma Phyllis and Natalie. It was A-Mazing! I loved it. The costumes were so cool and the way they put the story together was awesome!
That night Brandon took Natalie to the Desert Star playhouse to see-yes another-play, while I stayed closer to home and spent some time at our friends Brad and Kymberly's house visiting with them and our other friends Chris & Jen Slaugh and Sarah Reeder.

On Saturday Brandon and I took Samuel to Lagoon for an hour or two, then we headed down and dropped him off at my parents (where Natalie had spent the night). We left them and headed to the Macaroni Grill for dinner with Sarah and Stu Reeder. It was a Pre-Utah game dinner. After dinner we all rode up to Rice-Eccles Stadium for the Utah/San Jose State game. It was an AWESOME game. Utah won 56 to 3. Oh yeah!
My parents told us that they would take our kids home, so after the game we headed home and upon arriving I walked into my kitchen only to be met with a brand new Kitchen Table and Chairs. A DINER table with awesome red vinyl chairs. I've been eye-balling one of those for a while now, but it was a COMPLETE surprise to walk in to find one in MY kitchen!
After deciding NOT to sleep on my brand new table we finally went to bed.

I woke up Sunday morning to 3 faces staring at me to wish me Happy Birthday. Natalie handed me a smal box that had an adorable ring in it she'd gotten at the Oktoberfest last week, and Brandon and the kids got me Guitar lessons with the Jef Neilson Guitar Studio (I don't know if they are good-but I've been wanting to take Guitar lessons for years). After that we headed to church and the entire Primary sang to me for my Birthday...Okay not really, it was our Ward's Primary Program and it was so cute!
After Church we met my parents, Dominic, Sam & the baby and my Oma at Bucca Di Beppo (yes that place again) for Dinner. We had a good time and yummy food and Dominic and Sam gave me and arm load of bracelets (gypsy bracelets I'm calling them).

All in all it was a fun-filled Birthday weekend, and I enjoyed every minute of it! It just goes to show, that you don't have to have a Big Bash to have a good time...which is good, since I'm not sure last years party can be topped!


Jackman Clan said...

The table and chairs rock! So fun!

Stuart and Sarah said...

What a fun birthday and awesome gifts!