So Fun, it's Non-Fiction!

I've been meaning to blog about this great party that I helped put on with the besties Mac and Sarah in September, but I just haven't, which actually works out good because I just hosted my neighborhood's book group in October and both of these events are book related so I'm blogging about both of them now.

*At the end of the summer Sarah had this awesome idea to host a "Book Exchange Party" where the invitees bring a wrapped book to exchanged with another (kind of like a white elephant party). Well, since Mac and I love to read we jumped right on board with that idea. We spent a few weeks coming up with the ideas for our party. We had so much fun getting together to craft the party gifts (a book journal and 2 bookmarks) and talk about the menu (3 different soups and grilled cheese sandwiches) and of course decide on the decorations (vintage book pages and papers, blue, cream and kraft paper brown color palette and picture frames with quotes from books). LOVED all of the ideas. I designed the invitation to look like an old Library check out card. I also wrote up a questionaire with trivia questions that related to books. After that we exchanged books, and had a great time talking about the books we'd brought and other literature. We had such a fun time putting this party on, and are anxious for the next great idea to come along.

*As for the my neighborhood Book Group Discussion; well, I've been planning that for months. I knew I was going to have October, and I knew the book was "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaimen so I was super excited to host right before Halloween. I didn't go crazy or anything but I did make my table the "Scary Apothecary". I filled pickle jars, that I've been collecting for months, full of gross treats, such as gummy googly eyes-the label read Werewolf Eyeballs, green Haribo gummy frogs-Petrified Frogs, chocolate Twizzlers-Twisted Twigs, and gummy worms that look seriously SO much like real worms they were discusting (fleshy color and all)-Earthworms. I also bought red soda in bottles, removed the labels, and put my own on that read "Fresh Blood." I wound up making sugar cookies to look like fingers and called them "Witch Fingers." It was a pretty spooktacular night, and I think I'll take October for next year too!


Donavan Family said...

What a fun little sweetie you have turned out to be! Wish I were in the neighborhood book club!

Stuart and Sarah said...

You are so adorable and I LOVE all your cute things you do. You are soo creative. I hope you keep all the fun things to share with your friends (
So cute!!