Just what the DR. ordered!

This week has been a little nutty . . . to say the least.

Sam had a fever for 3 days and as most of you know, fevers at our house are NOT GOOD. They turn me into a crazed, anxious person. But I have some incredible neighbors who know EXACTLY what I need.
On Wednesday my neighbor and friend Nikki brought me a 32 oz Dr. Pepper from the Farmington Top Stop (woot, woot) and this morning my next door neighbor Ashli dropped off the cutest thing.

A 2 liter prescription of Dr. Pepper-how cute is that!

I really don't need my friends to feed my bad habits, but nonetheless it was nice to know that my bi-polarity hasn't scared people away! I really have awesome friends who will listen to my worries and complaints and never say, what they are probably thinking, which is that I'm overreacting. I know I was overreacting this week. Sam is fine, whatever the sickness was just needed to run it's course.
Ever since Sam got Kawasaki's, I've had to deal with the re-occuring emotions that spring up every time he is sick. Some times it's really hard, like this week. Other times it's not so bad. Maybe it's Heavenly Father's way of saying, "Hey, it's been a while since I've REALLY heard from you." I don't know, but certainly it makes me stronger by the end . . . and perhaps a little hyper too!

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Ashli said...

If I write you a Rx for crisco, you have to promise you won't blog about it...k?! ha ha. love ya cute girl.