The end of 2011

I know I know, it's shocking to actually see something new on here.
Well, I started these posts months ago, but didn't finish them, and since I'm determined to keep up on this blog I decided to finally finish and post them. Even though nobody cares what happened to us WAY back in 2011. But since I use this blog mostly for journaling, here they are.

October is one of my favorite Months of the year!!! It is so full of sights and sounds and smells that just get me so excited.
One of the SIGHTS we saw was a Utah Utes football game. I love to go to at least one game with Brandon, and it's even better when they win. I love to bundle up in my red attire and cheer on the best team! Go Utes!

One thing that I've done for the past 3 years is take the kids to Pack's Pumpkin Patch, to pick out pumpkins. I always take them on one of the UEA days and we spend some time picking out Pumpkins and the kids run through a kid's haymaze they have, then we go get lunch. It's been such a fun tradition, I don't know what's going to happen when I eventually plant my own pumpkins...?


After our fun Pumpkin Patch outing, the next day we drove down to St. George with some friends and neighbors, The Hellewell's for a UEA weekend of fun! Of course, it's all fun and games until someone breaks the cap off of their front tooth! And not just someone, ME!
Yes, I'm a dork and totally broke the cap off of my front tooth (it's actually called a 'composite', but I've had them on my two front teeth since I was like 10). Anyway, I had to go the whole weekend looking like this...
Sorry about the nose shot-SCARY!

We actually went down to St. George to see The Little Mermaid at Tuachan. It was such a fun show, and really cool the way they did the special effects and everything. The stage had actual water running on it, raining on it from above, and the characters moved around on those Healy shoes. It was really cool. We had such a blast, and the weather was nice and the theater was awesome!


Okay, so of course, October cannot come without a little fun halloween decor right? Well, last year I filled bottles, old jars and pretty much anything I could find with scary apothecary items, such as Witches' Wart, Toadstools and Love Potion #9. It was so much fun I HAD to do it again, and I added a few more items to the display, such as a Hocus Pocus Spell book, a very lifelike skull and a few other little things. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Halloween?


This year for Halloween Brandon and I were Han Solo and Princess Leia. We couldn't talk the kids into being Star Wars characters with us, but they were cute too. Natalie was Clawdeen Wolf, one of the Monster High Dolls characters, and Sam was SpiderMan, complete with muscles and all!

November was quite a busy month. Between me spending countless hours with Alice in Wonderland, Natalie being IN Alice in Wonderland, me being in Guitar lessons (have I mentioned that I started taking Guitar lessons?), getting my front teeth replaced with veneers, seeing the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn, Dash almost dying then going into surgery to have a stuffed animal removed from his intestines, Celebrating Thanksgiving AND a Piano Recital, it was certainly a crazy month, but we had a little time to stop and be thankful for all that we have!

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

Well December seemed like it came so fast, and that wasn't the only thing that was fast. On December 1st, Davis and Weber Counties were met with record high winds, some of which reached over 100 miles an hour. Our Neighborhood was hit pretty hard, but luckily no one was hurt. The schools were closed and we lost power for a day, so the kids and I decided to go down to my parents house to stay the night. Our fence ceases to exist now, which stinks, and our yard looks like a junk yard, but things could've been worst. It was amazing to see the people in our neighborhood and Ward giving so much service to each other.

* * *

For our 11th Anniversary this year, Brandon and I had a really fun night together. First we went to Tucci's for Dinner (our favorite Anniversary spot), then we went and saw the Nutcracker Ballet at Capitol theater. We fancied ourselves up and had a REAL date night. It was a blast!

* * *

I'm and AUNTIE again! Well actually a TIA~which is Aunt in spanish. My newest niece Isabel Marie was born on Dec 18th at 6:01 am. She was born at 4 lbs 8 oz, and 17 inches long. Yes! She came early. My sister in law was only 33 weeks and 5 days along. Talk about a scare, but from day one Isabel was a fighter. She was in the NICU for almost 2 weeks spending her first Christmas there, but she was eating and breathing on her own for the majority of that time. She's such a cute little peanut and I'm so excited to have another niece to spoil!

* * *

Sam had his winter sing at Challenger and it was so cute. The kids had little scarves on and sang fun wintery songs. But the best part was Santa Clause...well not for Sam it wasn't. He heard Santa coming and ran and hid under the legs of some random lady. She was cute and let him stay there, until I came over to find him. I thought he'd be okay with the big jolly guy this year, but I guess I was wrong. Oh well, it was cute!

* * *

Our Christmas this year was an emotional one, and a little bitter sweet also.
We woke up bright and early to open gifts, the kids were so cute, and in awe of everything and of course, spoiled like they always are. Then we got ready and went to church. There was such a wonderful spirit at church. The choir sang songs and a few ward members were invited to come up and bear their testimonies, including a few members who have had pretty sad hardships throughout the year. It was a wonderful way to spend our Christmas morning.
When we came home, we changed and got ready to go to my parents house, but before we left I got a phone call from my Oma telling me that my great-grandmother had passed away that morning. It was a little hard to take in that she had passed away on Christmas, but also such a blessing since she'd been waiting to go.
When we got to my parents house Dominic and Sam were there with Scarlett. Mark, Kelly and the kids were there and Grandma and Grandpa Mattena and cousin Chris. The kids were so excited to see what they got at Oma and Papa's and as soon as they could, they were tearing through presents. Scarlet was so cute, she didn't much care about the presents, she just wanted to climb all over the boxes.
After Oma and Papa's we went to Grandma and Grandpa Harden's for a little bit, then back to our house where we met Grammy and Papa Dave and opened more presents, and ate some dinner, then we went to the hospital to visit Josh, Kenzie, and Isabel.
It was certainly a memorable Christmas and one that wont soon be forgotten!

Whew! I hope that tided you over for now. Look for our next installment of blog posts in about another 6 months!

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Karly said...

Love your update! We don't see you guys... well ever so it's nice to keep up with your lives through your blog. Sorry to hear about your gma. :(