*Just realized I never posted some rambling from way back in February 2014. I think I'll post it now, because in my sleep deprived new mommy phase, I just typed without fear of censure. Isn't that the best when honesty comes through in your writing?*

February 10, 2014
Well it's been six weeks since Keelie came into our lives, and I realized something the other day, as I was at the grocery store.

People treat pregnant ladies differently. Like preggos have a handicap or something. People are always holding doors for you or offering to carry your groceries. And the smiling... there are lots of smiles from strangers for the soon to be mom. It's like they see this belly sticking out and all of the sudden you are an invalid who needs assisting.
And then what happens? You have that baby and BAM! You are no longer a roly poly cute pregnant lady with The Glow, but a sleep deprived Quasimodo with a noisy thing who annoys people. All of the sudden, people who opened doors for you-when you had two hands free and could do it yourself- find it too difficult to help as you are rushing (after you've left your cart of food in the cereal isle) out the doors of the grocery store with a screaming baby in one arm, diaper bag and purse in the other and your grocery list hanging out of your mouth.
It's a strange phenomenon. What makes the pregnant woman more special than the mom who has 3 kids under the age of 5 and is trying to get her grocery shopping done with them hanging all over the cart and having a breakdown in the snack isle because they REALLY WANT GOLDFISH CRACKERS!
Is it because most big humans have a fear of little humans? The loud noises, the runny noses...the stinky bums? I don't know, but if that's the case, we need to get over it and realize that moms may not have The Glow pregnant ladies do, but it's because they have spent sleepless nights trying to calm the unconsolable child, or wiping noses and rubbing chests with vics, or cleaning up bedsheets when theres been an accident.
As a mom myself I know that there have been plenty of times where I (in my own weakness) have treated another mom with indifference, when I could've provided help. Us moms gotta stick together! Even when we get that miracle of a chance to actually go to the grocery store without our kids. Especially then actually.
We are all dealing with a thousand things and every mom has her set of challenges, so lets all be a little more kind to each other. And when you hold the door for that cute pregnant lady, think about the time when you'll be able to help her when she's a crazy mom just trying to keep her family from falling apart!

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