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MAY 5, 2008

Yes I did it. I finally read Twilight and oh my gosh...what can I say except AWWWWWEEEESOOOMMMEE!!! I know some of you are thinking "Why is she just reading these books now"? It's not that I didn't WANT to read the books, trust me, I've read a lot about the series, and even gone to the book and Stephenie Meyers's websites, but as most of you know, I'm not a big reader, but when I find something good to read (that requires more "imagination" then "thinking") I give it all I've got...which means ignoring most everything else around me!
So Friday I decided to start reading and was instantly hooked and yesterday I found myself sneaking off to read what little I could (it gives new meaning to the words "couldn't put it down") When Samuel had to be fed, I jumped at the chance so I could use it as an excuse to read a little more. If I had to go pee, Guess what? The book came to. All day it was like this...Brandon didn't mind much, because basketball was on!
When midnight finally rolled around I was on the second to last chapter but was so stinking tired and knew I had to go to bed, so I closed the book for the night but then the baby woke up and started crying. I was so excited, (not what usually happens) and as I fed him I read the last chapter by the light of his closet!
I cannot wait to start on the next book, I'm picking it up today! I am excited that I can finally chat about Twilight when it comes up in conversation.
And get ready girls...for a big GNO in December when the movie comes out! WOO HOO!


Stuart and Sarah said...

It's about fetching time! :) Remember that "New Moon" is the next one. I had a friend that thought the 2nd book was the 3rd and read them out of order. Stu is also reading New Moon so you will have to compare notes

Tiffany said...

Its so good isn't it!
Levi gave me all three books in the series for Christmas, and while I love to read, I wasn't to excited about these. I am not a fan of sci-fi. Which is what I think of when I think of Vampire's.
So he was bugging me about them so I finally decided to start the first one and I could not put it down!!!! I read all 3 in 2 days!
Loved them.
The worst part is when I finished the third and realized that the
4th was not out yet. Torture!!
I guess I will have to wait....

I am excited for the movie!!!
Have you seen the preview for it yet?
I just hope the movie will live up to the book!

Cooper Family said...

I still have found no time to read the books. But my sisterinlaw that we live with loves them and my really good friend across the street says they are awsome. I need to really read.

So how are things? How is Sam? and Natalie? We should get together now that we are only across the street. Call me!