September 24, 2008

On Friday the 19th we took Natalie to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts to see the Monet to Picasso exibit that's on display. They gave us cool little telephone things that when you push the number that coordinates with the piece of art it tells you about that work. Brandon and I enjoyed ourselves, but five minutes into the exibit Natalie was done. We saw Brandon's cousin Julie who was working the exibit and she came and found us in the Picasso Room, and she told Natalie that Picasso painted a piece called Le Harem when he was in a happy mood, but he painted a piece called La Vie when he was in a sad mood.
Well Natalie had to know why he was in a sad mood, so Julie told her that Picasso's friend had died so he was very sad and only painted in blue. Natalie wanted to know how his friend died so Brandon took her over to the painting and read her the story of how Picasso's friend's Girlfriend rejected him so he killed himself. Needless to say, THAT is what Natalie remembers about the exibit, and she is still obsessed at HOW Picasso's friend killed himself which is a little morbid to me...and thank goodness we don't know that part of the story.
All in all it was so nice to see these peices of art that are amazing, and maybe I'm a little morbid myself because I was intrigued by a painting called The Dream by Salvador Dali it was twisted, strange, a little disturbing and definitely a surrealist painting...but as they say "true reality can be understood only through knowledge of the unconscious". I guess.

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Stuart and Sarah said...

I was looking for that last picture to post on my blog and could not remember the artist. I thought that painting was AWESOME. It was a cool exhibit huh? I am glad you guys got to go