Ramblings of Childhood and My Birthday!

Friday October 3, 2008

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but the very first Olivia Newton-John film I saw was NOT Grease, it was in fact Xanadu-a film that I still love despite being sporadic, and cheesy. I used to put on my roller skates and skate around my driveway singing songs from the movie, or the other Olivia Newton-John song I loved, Physical (of course I had NO clue what that song was ACTUALLY about). My mom also recorded one of her concerts that was on HBO, and my friend Mandy and I would watch that thing over and over again, prancing around like back-up dancers. Needless to say I was a bit obsessed with miss Newton-John.
Why am I telling you all of this? Well when I was about 14 or so I found out that I share my Birthday with this childhood idol of mine, and you can probably imagine how cool I thought that was. Now as some of you may know last Friday (26th) was my Birthday, and therefore cause to also think about ON-J, which in turn takes me back to my childhood. So it's kind of cool that having a birthday means I am one year older but I also have a reminder of being young...which I thought a lot about this week.
I thought about being an oblivious kid growing up in Glendale-ERR-Poplar Grove, where we could sleep out on the trampoline, and walk to school, and ride our bikes to Seven-Eleven. Life was much simpler back then, when mom and dad handled everything and we didn't have a care in the world. BUT, even though I have MANY cares in the world now, and as the Birthdays and years will continue to float by, it's nice to know that every now and again I can take some ME time and sit down to watch this silly movie and instantly be back to having unmatched clothes, with a bad perm and not a care in the world.
That's Xanadu in and of itself!!


Donavan Family said...

How could I read this and not comment since I was outed in the message that I was a Olivia freak too!
My sisters still remind me how dorkish we were with our Zanadu outfits and our love for Olivia and our need to display it in the front yard!
You might be an "old lady" now, but we definately lived up the Poplar Grove days while we had them. No regrets here!
Love ya!

Stuart and Sarah said...

I hope you got my birthday wish that I sent you!
Hope your day was awesome!