Pumpkin Patch!

October 17, 2008

It's UEA and we all know what that means...NO SCHOOL!
Well we were graced with warm weather and sunny skies yesterday, so me and my friend Kristie decided to take our kids +2 to a Pumpkin Patch by our houses. They had a small hay maze that the kids could go through, and the bigger girls were so cute and helped the little ones. Then we spent some time picking our Pumpkins from the patch. There were hundreds of pumpkins and it was hard to decide on the best one, but finally we all chose the one we wanted. After that we took the kids through a corn maze. We got a little map and had to find 6 different stops throughout the maze and punch specific holes in our map and at the end we got a treat if we found all the stops. It was touch and go in the corn maze as the sun started beating down on us and the girls were getting tired and hungry, but we successfully made it through the maze, and to all of the stops throughout. It was such a fun activity to do on a day off of school (I feel a tradition coming on) the girls all had a blast and the babies were really good too, which is always a good thing.

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Stuart and Sarah said...

You little cuties!! I wish I could have come, BOO on work. Miss ya and need to see you. It has been WAY too long