My Holiday ABC's

A=Advent Calendars (especially one's with Chocolate)
B=Bells (the Jinglier the better)
D=Decking the Halls (although I don't love UNdecking the halls)
E=Elves, for without whom Walmart wouldn't be around!
F=Five GOLD rings (on my list this year. HAHA J/K)
G=German Pancakes
H=Holiday Music (LOVE IT)
I=Ice Cream in Peppermint (too bad it's seasonal)
J=Jesus (hello that's obvious)
K=Key (so Santa can come through the front door)
L=Letters to Santa
M=Mistletoe (Brandon likes that one)
N=Naughty or Nice?
P=Presents OR Pomegranate 7UP (SO good, I'm addicted)
Q=That QUIET moment when it's just me and the tree.
R=Reindeer (I like VIXEN-heehee)
S=Snow (there must be snow on Christmas Eve, but that's all)
U=Understanding the TRUE meaning of Christmas
W=White Christmas (LOVE that movie)
X=X-tra long drive to the Festival of Trees (it was so worth it)
Y=Yes we're almost done
Z=Zillions of lights on the tree (pre-lit is the only way to go)

See if you can think of 26 special things about YOUR Holiday Season!

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Cute pics of the kiddos! Samuel is getting sooo big!
I have to tell you that I love your quote from "The Office"
Levi and I thought that was so funny!
I love that show!
Hope you are all well!