JULY 2, 2009
Yes today is Brandon's Birthday and although he never looks at this blog, I thought I'd wish him a Happy Birthday anyway.
So what kind of gift do you get for the guy who buys and sells for a living? Good question...
Luckily, about a week ago Brandon mentioned that he needed a new pair of golf shoes. SWEET! No guessing at what I was going to buy. AND if I do say so myself I did a really good job in picking out some nice ones for him!

He'll be the hottest guy on the course...but that goes without saying!

Brandon is amazing, and he works really hard for our family...I know most of you think he is just this shy, quiet guy (OK, so he is) but you'd be amazed at how funny he is, and how willing he is to put up with me and all of my crazy antics (that's saying a lot). Anyway I feel pretty darn lucky to have him in my life, and I also feel pretty lucky that he's 32 and I'm not!

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