What A HOOT!

July 18, 2009

There is a boy in our neighborhood: BOB (name has been changed to protect the innocent). And Natalie and McKenna have had this "crush" on him since we moved in. Well, he was outside playing football on our street (only because there is NO traffic) and the girls started freaking out that he was outside. There was a lot of running around and opening the front door to holler things to this poor kid. When they thought they were sly and asked if they could go outside to ride bikes. I said NO. When they asked if they could go out into the front yard to play. I said NO. And when they asked if they could go out just to say Hi to Bob. Again, I said NO.
Now this might sound like I'm a little mean, and maybe I am...but then again they are only 7 AND Bob is a 7 year old boy who cannot possibly want two giggly girls mooning over him in front of his big brother and friends. I did have to laugh though because they were so funny about Bob being "right outside" and they even got McKenna's 3 year old sister London peeking out the window with them. I had to capture the moment by taking a picture of them as they were spying on Bob. I can only imagine these two in about 6 or 7 years when it's the teenage boys mowing the lawns that get them all giggly...I think I can wait for those days!


Rachelle said...

This is all your fault Michelle you were the most boy crazy out of all of us!!

Stuart and Sarah said...

They are too young to like boys!