Promontory Point and Antelope Island

I feel like I've been working so much that I hardly have the time to enjoy the outdoors, but...when visitors come from Germany it's always a good thing.
Janina and Christian are our out of country visitors. Janina's parents are long time friends of my mom's family and their daughters Ann Christine and Janina have visited here a few times. Christian is Nina's boyfrind who has been living in LA going to school. They are in utah for a few weeks and so we decided a trip to Promontory Point, which is the place where the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads met up, would be fun.
It was a cute little place, with a cute little museum and an even cuter little Ranger guy who tells all and answers questions. The two trains representing those of the Central Pacific (Jupiter) and Union Pacific (#119) came out as shiny as can be, blowing their horns (much to Sam's dismay) and chugging along. Then they came together and faced each other almost exactly how they were on May 10, 1869. It was pretty cool to learn about this part of not only Utah history but a huge changing point in our Country's history. Of course I wont mention how I feel when hearing about the millions (yes Millions) of Buffalo that were killed and of course the ticked off Native American's who watched most of their food being wiped out, and just left to rot.
But back to the rest of the day...
After Promontory Point we headed out to Antelope Island. It was really neat to see Davis County from a different view. Natalie thought the cosway was cool since it's a stretch of land with water on both sides. Natalie, my mom, Nina and Christian walked a little ways to the Great Salt Lake, while my dad and I stayed back with Sam and played in the sand.
I have never been to Antelope Island, or Promontory Point so I had a lot of fun seeing something new that is now, right in my back yard!

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