Well it has officially begun. I have a second grader! CRAZY!!!

Aug. 21, 2009

Natalie started school this week and if THAT wasn't strange enough, she is at a new school this year. We decided to put her in a new charter school that just opened this year. The school is called Oquirrh Mountain (no we do not live by the new Temple...don't ask me why the school is named that). Anyway this week was their fist week and I have to say for being a brand new school things ran pretty smoothly.
Natalie was excited to be going to Oquirrh Mountain and we are very excited about the school's curriculum, it is similar to what they used at Challenger. Her teacher is Mrs. Miner and she's really nice, but also seems to be a stickler for kids obeying the rules...not a bad thing.
They have a dress code which consists of plain or striped collared shirts and plain khaki type pants. Not too strict, but nice to have a dress code.
I cannot believe how fast Natalie is growing up, I am amazed (and perturbed sometimes) at her independence! She is getting involved in activities and really showing her talents. She has started taking Piano lessons, she joined a theatre camp over the summer, she's back in dance, and if that's not enough, she has joined the plethora of children in the neighborhood who all ride their bikes and scooters and bop from one house to the next.
I'm sure each year that goes by I will see less and less of her, and as fun as that is for her, it makes me sad that my little girl isn't so little anymore!


Stuart said...

Holy cow...I feel old

Stuart and Sarah said...

So I was in my husband's e-mail so it says "Stuart" but it is really me that feels old...Sarah