Pumpkin Patch and Haymaze

Over UEA I took the kids to the local pumpkin patch, and it was so fun watching them both run around trying to find "THE" pumpkin to take home. Sam spent a lot of time in the little pull cart letting Natalie pull him around. He kept pointing and saying "Punkeen, Punkeen" in that cute little voice of his. When we found suitable Punkeens I let the kids run and play in a little Haymaze that they have at the Pumpkin Patch. After last years hour of hauling the kids around the large Cornmaze I opted out of that this year, and just let them run wild in the Haymaze for a while...luckily there weren't too many other kids there.
After that we stocked up on Sweet Dumpling Squash (I LOVE THEM), payed for our bounty and headed home, but not before making a stop at McDonald's for Happy Meals...don't you just love days off from school?

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