Now you see it...Now you don't!

Dec. 8, 2009

Well, I'm pretty sure that a magician lives in the house across the street, because when Natalie' left for school this morning, there was 6+ inches of snow all over. But later, when I went out to shovel, this is what I found!
I didn't even hear him out there, he's like Houdini or something. I wonder if he juggles chainsaws in the summertime too?
Anyway, I'm sure he'll never reveal his magic secrets of how he can pop over and snowblow my entire driveway without me even knowing, but I can do a bit of magic myself and maybe, just maybe I can do my own slight of hand and slip him a fiver for some gas! ABRACADABRA!

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Cooper Family said...

That is awesome! How great it is to have such thoughtful neighbors! I remember growing up and helping neighbors without thinking about it. It is hard to find that these days. Even where I live where it is all family you think it would be here but it's not. Gratitude!