April 13, 2010

Here lies Canon Power Shot. She has perished from Lens Error. She had a great 4 year run, and took many a good picture. (She took many a crappy picture too, but we wont bring that up at this time, since that wasn't entirely her fault).
She is survived by her SD card, USB cord and very distraught handler Michelle-who feels guilty for dropping her all those times.
We regret that there will be no memorial service. In lieu of pictures of flowers, please send donations to Michelle Harden.

Okay Okay, I know, it's just a camera, but it still sucks. $150 for a new lens, and that doesn't guarantee it wont happen again (since it's very common in these cameras apparently). I did get a second opinion which told me that they could send it in to Canon (I pay) have them look at it, tell me what needs to be done and how much it'll cost (I pay again), fix it (if I want them to) and then send it back (I pay some more). GRRRRR.
The biggest thing that stinks about the whole thing is that I was feeling like my Canon was a bit bulky for some of the things I wanted, like YW's and the little stuff, so I was looking into getting just a point and shoot for those moments-well I guess Canon over heard me talking and decided she'd SHOW ME by up and breaking. So then I was like "Well now what do I do? I didn't want a little camera to REPLACE my Canon, but now I don't have anything."
Luckily, I have a hubby who buys and sells for a living, AND who happened to have a few point and shoot cameras on hand (just for me-Ha ha). So I found a little bitty thing (that weighs as much as Calista Flockhart) and decided, for now, that it'll have to do. I'm not a professional photographer so what am I whining about right? And anyway, one of my besties just got herself a new fancy-schmancy camera so I'll make HER take nice pictures of my kids! Yes I'm talking to you, SARAH!


Karly said...

Lesson learned:

Jackman Clan said...

I'll try - but I'm no professional!