It'll leave you in "stiches"

I'm talking about running around in the living room. Apparently it's not as safe as you'd think, as Samuel has now found out.

Monday evening he was running and playing with Natalie in the living room and fell into the TV stand, or something (nobody really knows where he hit). Blood was gushing out of his wound, and I took one look and knew it was off to the Insta-Care for stitches. The place wasn't all that busy (they were all home having FHE-guess we should've been doing that too) so we didn't wait too long. A nurse came out to put a local anestetic on Sam's head, then after a few minutes he was taken to the back (Brandon went with him and I stayed with Natalie in the waiting area). He got five whole stitches. WooHoo. We have to take him to get them out next week. I'm sure he'll have a scar there for the rest of his life. Of course, it will go along with all of the others that I'm sure he'll receive throughout childhood. I swear if this kid doesn't go into something in the medical field I'll be shocked.

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