It's crazy how fast a year can fly by.

October 15, 2010

A year ago today was when I took Sam up to Primary Children's and he was diagnosed with Kawasaki's Disease. Thinking back, it felt like life seemed to stop at that moment, and how I was sure it would be hard to start back up again. But it did.
I learned so much in that time, so much in the months that followed. I had to humble myself, let others do things for me, be there for me. I had to ASK for help and be gracious when it was given. I had to rely on my Heavenly Father more than I ever have, and trust that he would take care of us. And He did.
All the thoughts and prayers from family, friends and neighbors lifted me. They kept me going, especially when my mind went to places that it shouldn't have gone. From the smallest meals to the heartfelt prayers and fasting, I will never forget that time in our lives, because it has taught me so much about love, and kindness, and humility and gratitude.

Thank you all so much for being there for us. In your own ways (no matter how small you may think it was) it helped us get through that very difficult time.
I have to update and tell you all that Sam is doing great. He has had 7 echocardiograms, including the 3 at the hospital, and with each one he's gotten a little better. At our last visit in July there was still a slight inflammation in one of his Coronary Arteries, but nothing the Doctor was too concerned with. She doesn't want to see him again until next summer, so we are just focusing on keeping him healthy (as good as we can do with a toddler in Nursery) and continuing to let him have fun a be a kid! And for us, we are really trying to not take for granted the little moments of's not always easy, but we are trying.


Deanna said...

I'm incredibly happy for you. So good to hear how well cutey Sam is doing & progressing... such great parents you & Brandon are!

Katie said...

Oh..the cute little guy. Hope all continues to go well.