Well apparently I'm blogging by months now, since that's about how long it takes to upload my pictures, make digital pages and get them on here! So without further ado, here is a look at what happened during the month of July.

Natalie has spent this summer in the Ivy Performance Academy. It's a summer program for kids to help them learn skills in vocal technique, acting, basic dance and performance. They have been practicing a small play and even got to go to a studio and record their voices with the minus tracks that they'll be singing in their show! The classes are taught by Jessie Clark Funk (who happens to be a favorite at our house) and she is so cute with the kids. She even got the kids to walk in the Farmington Festival Days Parade this year!

After the parade we went over to our friends (the Biesingers) house for a Luau and to watch the Farmington City fireworks. It was a fun night with ymmy food, volleyball, homemade Ice Cream and s'mores! I didn't get pics of the Luau, because we were having so much fun...so you'll just have to take my word for it that it was a blast.

Our cute little German friend Tini was in town during July and for Mom and Dad's Anniversary we went to...Yes you guessed it, Bucca Di Beppo. It's become our tradition when the Germans are in town and/or for Mom and Dad's Anniversary-sometimes they happen to coincide.
On July 30th we were invited to our neighbors daughter Lily's Birthday Party, which was up at Pineview Reservior. We had so much fun playing in the water, eating yummy food and having a great time with our friends and neighbors.
The night we had gotten home from Pineview was a very surreal night for our Ward and Neighborhood. We had found out that 7 of the youth in our Ward had been in a very serious accident, and one of them had past away. His name was Gabe Hanson and he was 15 years old. He was such a cute kid, who was so funny and full of life. His family is amazing and such great examples to me. Gabe's older brother Cooper was my trek brother when I went to trek as an "adult child" 2 years ago, and his little sister Daisy is in my primary class. They also have 3 other boys too.
Gabe was well know for being a goofball and always wore these pink Vans shoes. At his viewing and funeral SO many people had on pink. Vans, Converse, church shoes. Girls had on pink shirts and dresses, guys had on pink ties. They were even giving away pink wrist bands to all who attended the services. It was such an outpouring of love and support to the Hanson family, and to Gabe!
Two of the other youth in the car, were taken to the hospital and one of them is still recovering from her injuries. The other four have emotional injuries, but all of these kids have become so close since going through this tragedy together. It has been amazing to see all of the youth in our Ward come together and take care of one another. My heart is still aching for the Hanson family and their loss and my thoughts and prayers are constantly with them.

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