Ear Piercing and an Infomercial

I was just thinking that I posted this on Facebook but I didn't post it on here...oops!

While at the Mall (Fashion Place-which I haven't been to in ages) we were walking around and went into Claire's (or whatever it's called now) and Natalie said, "I want to get my ears pierced." Just like that. So we picked out a pair of earrings (do you KNOW how much they charge for those things?) and she got 'em done. She kind of freaked out right before the girl did the first ear, and cried a tiny bit when it was all done, but then as she looked in the mirror, she was all smiles. It was a pretty big deal for her, and me, since she's kind of a chicken when it comes to things.
Oh, while I'm talking about this it reminds me that the whole reason I went to the mall was because my neighbor Ashli had saw some "Feeling Cheeky" mini cheek tints by Benefit on Good Things Utah and wanted to get some, so we went all the way down to Sephora for this stuff, and I'm not kidding you...I LOVE IT!

There are 3 "mini" bottles in this set ($15). Two of them are the cheek tints, and one is a highlight cream. The posie tint is a pink cheek tint that gives your cheekies a nice sun-kissed look, and the bene tint is a darker rose tint that gives you color without looking like a clown. The high beam is creamy and you use it at the top of your cheek bones and brow bones and it gives you that fresh glow and brightens up your eyes.
Wow, I sound like an infomercial and really I'm not telling you to go out and get this set...because I have used them almost everyday this month and I'm feeling like mine are getting used really fast because they are in such little bottles (like a very small bottle of nail polish), but I am saying that I've found a whole new love for cheek tints and will definitely be in search of more.
Okay, now that I've babbled on about that...
I'll go!

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