Finishing the basement!

Well, as I mentioned a few posts back we are finishing the basement. And it's CRAZY!
Our basement is the same square feet as our upstairs so we almost double the size of our house. For four of us (and one on the way) that is SO much house, but I'm excited to spread out a little and have a fun basement with room to hang out, watch movies and play! We are even adding a little kitchenette, see below. 

 Before and During of the space where the kitchenette will be. 
(After photos to come later).

To answer the question you might be asking. NO, we are NOT doing it ourselves. We have hired out almost everything, and Brandon's dad even came out from Missouri and did all the electrical for us.
My hubby-although devilishly handsome-is not the handiest person out there, and I'm far too pregnant to do much, so it's been good for both of us to have professionals come in and bust it out.
One of my favorite things is a large game/storage closet at the back of our family room.
Below are pictures of that process, from bones, to structure, to guts. I'm so excited to have a place for some storage, since where we are putting the kitchenette used to be our storage room. 

The process has been awesome, and at times and a little stressful, but I'm grateful that we are able to do it now. The kids will be moving down there so baby girl can have a room upstairs. We are feeling very blessed to be able to finish the basement AND have a new little munchkin to (one day) run around in it!

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OUR Coop said...

I am so excited for you guys :) Space is always good...It looks like it is going to be awesome