Party On...

Yes, We all know that I love Halloween! Who doesn't really? Except weird people.

(Ward Trunk or Treat- Saturday October 26th)

This year, Brandon and I were Wayne and Garth and it was pretty excellent! 
Natalie wanted to be a disco diva with an afro, not sure where that came from but we went with it. I was even a little suzy homemaker-ish because the costume that we bought (see above) was a little short so Nat wanted to wear pants with it. Well, I took this scarf thing that came with the costume, cut it in two and inserted the pieces into small cut panels at the bottoms of her jeans to create some matching bell bottoms. You can't really see it from the pic above but it's pretty groovy.
Sam wanted to be Iron Man, but since our ward party AND the school wouldn't let the kids have masks, I had to improvise and paint his face to look like Iron Man. It wasn't too bad, except when he would touch it, like every two seconds. Grrr.
I was excited because the kids were able to wear their costumes to school this year, and Sam even got to have a Halloween Parade. Those are some of the funnest memories of my Elementary school days, especially because my mom ALWAYS came dressed up.
And I wonder why I love this holiday so much! ;)

 (Visiting grandparents and making the rounds on Halloween!)

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