August 22, 2008
As the Summer is dwindling down and Autumn is fast approaching I have to stop and step outside of my "SWEET! All day school." excitement to remember what it's like to be a kid who feels as if they are losing their freedom to the dreaded Elementary School. I've been trying to think back to what that's like, long enough to take Natalie out this week, and let her experience the last remaining joys of Summer Vacation. We went to the Davis County Fair, where she got to pet goats and pigs and even a lama. She held a tarantula, made giant bubbles, ate snow-cones and rode on rides at the carnival-the ultimate FAIR experience, complete with stereotypical Carnies.
She went to Lagoon-A-Beach and swam for hours, went to the park and played for hours. She rode her bike and scooter around the neighborhood till sunset. Bought Orange-Lemonade from the boys in the ward. Had a final "weekday" sleep-over. favorite activity... made button accessories to wear with all of her first grade outfits!

I can't believe she is about to start First Grade. It doesn't make me feel old, it just makes me remember WAY back when to that innocent time when I was six and about to embark on my own "All Day School" journey! I try to tell her how much fun I had growing up, and all the good memories I made in Grade School and High School (Who wants to remember Jr. High) and I hope she makes her own lasting memories of the school years she has to come...even Jr. High, I guess!
Anyway, so I'll raise a glass of Orange-Lemonade in honor of Summer Vacations everywhere, and to kids who's endless laughter, and sun-kissed smiles, tickle me to see!


Karly said...

Cute button jewelry... LOVE IT! You are very crafty. I am jealous that you have all day school!

S Palfreyman said...

Kuddos on the button accessories. I am so thankful to have ALL DAY kindergarten. I can't wait until we actually start considering we only had 2 days of school last week because of the tropical storm. Toasting the new freedom we both will be feeling soon;)

Stuart and Sarah said...

Are you kidding me. My little girls are starting 1st grade?? That makes me feel old!